Mental Health Crisis

Case Scenario

A scenario escalating to a mental health crisis is TP, a girl aged eighteen years who has one child. TP is a black American living in the United States. She is vulnerable as she has no support from the child’s father. The child’s father neglected his responsibilities when he learned that TP was expectant. TP’s family was also against her pregnancy which made her move out of her home. Besides, she has no specific source of income which makes her living and that of the child difficult. TP usually gives more attention to the child’s needs, thus paying less attention to her physical appearance. Her dressing appearance and hygiene are poor, from the dirty clothes she wears to the food she eats. TP directs anger to anybody that acts concerned about her. The possible stressors of TP are caused by the neglect of the child’s father towards his responsibilities and her home environment.


Among the people who know TP’s history are her parents and the child’s father. TP became depressed when everyone she counted on neglected her when she needed them most. Due to lack of support, TP once thought of aborting the child to no success. In many instances, she had suicidal thoughts thinking that all her troubles would end by killing herself. For example, she was rescued by police officers trying to end her life by standing in the way of a car so that it could hit her. When the police officers confronted her, she said, “Let me die. I cannot take it anymore!” Examples of property damage are the car windscreen that TP hit when she was confronted by police and the breakages she made at home before moving out due to anger. The possible weapons involved were stones and a knife when she tried to stub herself. The importance of calling 911 for assistance is to save life as were it not for the police; TP could have ended her life. Calling 911 is also crucial in reducing damage because TP could have caused more damage to the car other than breaking the windscreen.

Some actions could help deescalate the crisis while waiting for help to arrive. TP needed someone to talk to her to feel that someone understood her. Therefore, one could encourage a talk with her to express her emotions. Secondly, people from the surroundings could help carry her from the road since she created traffic in town. Thirdly, TP looked very weak, for she had not eaten anything, so she could be given food to retain her energy.

There are steps one should take if one is involved in such a situation or helping others suffering from the same problem. Firstly, if one notices that something is stressing and maybe there is no one around understanding your problem, one should talk to medical practitioners who will help provide a solution. Secondly, one should maintain a positive attitude towards life; in this case, one needs to accept their situation to find a solution. Thirdly, one needs to participate in their hobbies to detract the mind from thinking negatively or about the problem each time. Fourth, one needs to eat very well to avoid starving and developing unhygienic practices.

Different factors bring about the mental health crisis. Such factors include home and environmental stress faced by an individual. Handling stress is what matters in maintaining mental health. Taking the steps mentioned above can be recommended in case one experiences mental health crisis.