Mental Health Crisis

As a manager, I have noticed that one of my employees might have a mental crisis. The employee is a male adult of about thirty years old. He is one of the best performing employees for a very long time, and has a competency record in the organization. He is intelligent and well-groomed at work. Apart from that, he arrives to work on time and meets all work-related deadlines. Lately, I have noticed some changes in his behaviors. He calls out from work often, shows less productivity, is not prepared for meetings, and seems like he is not himself lately. Other staff who have done projects with him have reported that he has become aggressive and easily irritated. I have tried to reach out to him, but no avail. He could probably be stressed from home and financial constraints. He might be undergoing depression and thus causing him to change his behavior.

            Some of the people who might know his history are his family members and close friends. They may know if he has a history of depression. In one instance when I arrived at work, I noticed him in the parking lot crying aloud. Aside from that, he had the same clothes on from the previous day I saw him at work. He continuously cried and threatened the parking attendant, saying, “I want to kill myself.” The possible harm that he had exposed himself to was committing suicide. He was also distracting other employees at work as he was making a disturbing noise. He caused property damage when he hit the window screen of a car parked in the parking lot. Using his fist, he hit the windscreen and broke some mirrors in the building using a pole he took from the parking lot. Calling 911 and asking for help helps prevent further damage and save a life. I had to call 911 so that he could stop screaming and destroying property.


            To deescalate the crisis, I could organize the other staff to hold him to stop causing more property damage. I could organize them to hold him and contain him in a room where he cant get out. After he had cooled down, I could visit him in the room as the manager and give him advice focusing on the best behavior before suffering a mental health crisis. I could appraise him by telling him that our company appreciates him and that whatever the problem is, he will overcome it. When doing this, I could organize that his significant others are called to be there for him before helps arrives.

            If I were in the same situation as his, I would speak out my problem to my close friends and relatives. I would also visit a mental health expert to advise me on how to go about the issue that is making me feel unsafe. It is also essential to own the situation and respond positively with the mindset that all will be okay. If it concerns the issue of financial constraints, I will visit a financial expert who will help me navigate how I should manage my finances. I would also encourage one to get involved in hobbies such as swimming to get distracted. Concerning marriage conflicts such as divorce, I would advise a marriage counselor who would help navigate the issue.