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My nagging question is whether the presence of an adult is currently influencing adolescents’ behavior. Traditionally, the gap between adults and children and adolescents was well pronounced, such that adults were a figure of authority. However, I have observed that the authoritative balance has faded, where some adolescents are more socioeconomically empowered than adults with whom they interact, and it seems there is less respect for adults by adolescents. I feel that adolescents can now behave in any way, including being delinquent, regardless of the presence of an adult, and that is what I endeavor to investigate. I suggest using the following research question: Do social context influence the behavior of adolescents? I sed the following search terms: social context on adolescent behavior, adult presence on adolescents, and impact of adult-adolescent relationships on adolescent behavior. Among other resources, I will use these three articles.

Rishel, C., Cottrell, L., Stanton, B., Cottrell, S., & Branstetter, S. (2010). The Buffering Effect of Nonparental Adults on the Relationship between Parent-Adolescent Communication and Adolescent Risk Behavior. Families In Society: The Journal Of Contemporary Social Services, 91(4), 371-377.

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This article is from the SAGE journals database, a quantitative study investigating adult-adolescent relationships’ impact on communication and risk behaviors. The study explores whether the parents and non-parent relationships and contexts with adolescents change their behavior and communication styles. I will use this article to cite the variation of adolescents with social context.

Mercer, N., Crocetti, E., Meeus, W., & Branje, S. (2016). Examining the relation between adolescent social anxiety, adolescent delinquency (abstention), and emerging adulthood relationship quality. Anxiety, Stress, & Coping30(4), 428-440.

The articles are from Taylor and Francis database investigating the influence of social context on the relationship between social anxiety and delinquency. In short, the authors investigate where social contexts that make adolescents anxious are linked to delinquency. I will use this article to explore the implications of adult control over adolescents’ behavior.

Laird, Y., Fawkner, S., & Niven, A. (2018). A grounded theory of how social support influences physical activity in adolescent girls. International Journal Of Qualitative Studies On Health And Well-Being13(1), 1435099.

This is from the ProQuest database, an investigation of the variation of behavior, particularly physical activities with the social support accorded. The paper dwells on the perception of various activities (behaviors) in relation to the social context of adolescent girls. I will use this article to cite the impacts of social support on adolescent behaviors.