What Makes a Great human resource and How the HR Uses Their Attributes to Better Themselves

Various characteristics make a good human resource person. It is, therefore, necessary to evaluate both positive and negative attributes to identify those that are necessary for a good manager. Henry Fayol has highlighted the characteristics of a good human resource manager. He divided the characteristics of human resource managers into different categories.  A good human resource manager has a sympathetic attitude (Rahman, 2012).  The sympathetic attitude will help the manager handle different varieties of problems that people face in an organization.

Making quick decisions. Managing people is one of the most challenging tasks an individual can undertake. In an organization, there can be conflicts between superior and junior employees. It will require the ability of a good HR manager with good decision-making skills to help in resolving conflicts. There may be Cases of employee turnover, and a human resource manager has to make a swift decision of either hiring other employees for replacement. Having better decision-making skills will make the human resource manager resolve issues quickly, which will result in increased performance (Vaiman, 2012).

Good communication skills. It is one of the major skills that are crucial for any kind of person in a managerial position. The main function of the human resource manager is interacting with people, such as employees and various stakeholders. An individual who can communicate well between employees, other managers, and other stakeholders make a good manager.

Ability to be socially responsible. An individual that is socially responsible makes a good human resource manager. He can influence and motivate workers to carry out their social responsibilities in varied parts of society. Having the ability to conceptualize the whole human resource element helps the human resource manager to gain confidence and fame, making them get better opportunities.

Good leadership skills. An individual with good leadership skills can make a good human resource manager. With good leadership skills, the human resource manager will guide the team of employees to work with unity and a common goal to realize the objectives of the organization.  

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