Difficulties HR Managers Face in the Hiring Process

Incomplete Documentation

Most of the applicants seeking jobs do not have all the documents that may be required for specific jobs. HR professionals take a lot of time to sieve through the many documents that applicants have delivered. There is a possibility of getting a good candidate, but the absence of complete documentation denies the candidate a chance, and the HR may end up selecting other candidates.  

Reduced Experience

Some job positions require experience. Jobs at the management level require people who have had experience in management. Getting people with experience is challenging to the HR managers since these individuals are scarce, and whenever they are available, they are easily taken by other employers who have better offers. The absence of enough experience causes a toll on HR managers during the process of hiring. 

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Failure of Reporting to Work after the Selection

In some instances, candidates get job offers but fail to turn up for the jobs. Their failure to turn up for jobs can be due to various reasons such as the inability to move to a new environment, difficulties to change to new localities, or reconsideration of offers. In most cases, when selected candidates decide to turn down the job offer, they do not communicate. As a result, HR managers face problems as they have to start the whole process again.

Failure of Employees to Adapt to the Organizational Culture

Each organization has its culture governed by the vision, mission, and core values. Some individuals find it difficult to adapt to the new job cultures as they have different perceptions of the values that the company holds. When a candidate does not fit well into the organizational culture, the productivity and performance of the candidate reduce.  

Difficulties from Staff Involved in the Hiring Process

The staff involved in the process is one of the challenges that human resource function experience during the hiring process. The fellow staff increases the time taken to hire as the decision process of choosing the right candidate takes a lot of time. It is also difficult to get a consensus when there are many people involved in the hiring process.

Including the other staff in the process of hiring can contribute to bias. Some of the staff involved in the hiring process are either related to the candidates or have some interests with these candidates. For this reason, there is a likelihood that the staff will be biased to favor those individuals whom they are interested in. Bias in the hiring process is likely to lead to the selection of incompetent people who may not deliver well.