The Ohio Appellate Structure

It is important to note that Ohio court states are either trial, appellate, or state supreme. Their powers are arguably in that order. For instance, a party appeals their case in an appellate court after losing in the Ohio municipal or county courts. Usually, such cases concern civil and criminal matters. If a party loses in the state’s appellate court, they may appeal again at the state supreme court, which is the highest appellate court.

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An appeal in the Ohio appellate court has a board, popularly known as a panel of three judges. The appellate court system is such that there are 12 districts, each with a panel of three judges who hear the appeals. The appealing party needs to submit the notice of appeal, praecipe, and docketing statement. They must also ensure that the documents are submitted to the trial court clerk, both originals and sufficient copies.

In the case of workers, the appealing party needs to fill an (IC-12) Notice of Appeal form through the Industrial Commission Online Network (ICON). The appeal is accepted if it contains the name of the appealing employee or employer, a claim number, date of the order, and reason for appeal. Such appeals arise when the worker loses in their claim or employers do not want to pay workers’ claims. Once the appeal is heard and decided, both parties receive a notice of the final decision.