Organizational Psychology

 I chose Google Company because it promotes customer’s satisfaction and commitment. Google offers the best opportunities and environment for employee’s growth (Tran, 2017). For Example, it provides its employees free meals and transportation to its staff on working days (Tran, 2017). I think job satisfaction in the company influence work behaviour. The company has a conducive room environment that enables the employees to work efficiently without disruption, thus high productivity.

Google company works towards impacting their employee’s attitude positively. The company pays attention to employee’s work and assist them in correcting their mistakes (Tran, 2017). This builds a positive attitude toward employees. The company is keen to impact their employee’s attitudes positively to avoid the unnecessary cost of losing their proficient employees. The company has incorporated many services and activities that promote employees job satisfaction. The company provides an open environment where employees contribute their ideas and opinion (Tran, 2017). Through this, employees feel comfortable working at the company and can deliver their best. It also offers working benefits such as free health care and free transportation to employees (Tran, 2017). These benefits build employees commitment.

 I think job attitudes affect one’s life outside the workplace. When job experiences that influence attitude are persistent, they extend into other areas of one life (Levy, 2017). For instance, when one experiences negative moments at the workplace, they may extend workplace moods at home. Employee’s quarrelling at work with their employers may find themselves s arguing with their spouses or children at home.  Therefore job attitudes influence one’s behaviour outside work.

  Attitude is important to organizational goals and objectives. A positive attitude enables an individual to work towards achieving the designated tasks. Employees with positive attitudes love their work and do them effectively. Also, attitudes influence behaviour (Levy, 2017). Happy employees will be dedicated and will work efficiently towards achieving organizational goals.


 I think dissatisfied employees affect a company negatively. They lack the motivation to work towards achieving organizational goals, thus poor performance. In contrast, satisfied employees impact an organization positively. Happy employees are productive in the organization (Levy, 2017). They are dedicated to foster success in their organization.

Organizational specialists have a role in building job satisfaction. Firstly, I would ensure a good relationship between employers and employees by solving their differences. I would also offer growth opportunities such as promotions and work benefits such as free medical covers. To improve organizational commitment, I would create a strong working culture by providing all feedbacks without criticism and build an exciting working environment.


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