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Response to Post 1 Moorhead

            Fitbit was an excellent choice for a business. I also find it interesting on both perspectives as you have written, concerning management and value. Most successful businesses like Amazon have come up after finding gaps in the market and filling them. I am excited that you cited Park and Friedman the need to make exercises more fun through gamification and doing it. It is the same thing that Bezos did. He found a need for automation or retail shops, and did it (Kantrowitz, 7). Besides finding a gap and producing to fill it, Fitbit faced other challenges. For instance, you have cited that they faced competition from Apple and refused to synch the devices. That was a bold move, which arguably lost the shareholders an economic gain. Apple is a growing company, and Fitbit might find its self at the place of yahoo against google many years after declining an offer. I wonder whether you have found any threats and weaknesses of the business that might be adverse.

Work Cited

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Response to Post 2 Durso

            This is very exciting, and I feel a bit influenced to follow up with the deal. Unfortunately, the pandemic has crumbled many businesses and activities. As you have mentioned, citing that Tiffany’s store sales went down by 44%, I think most luxury consumption products have significantly been undersold. A study in the journals of human beings’ nature has found that people tend to spend less in the time of crisis, especially in products (Bavel 461). Thus, Tiffany & Co and related industries are adversely affected by the pandemic despite having valuables. I wonder whether you have analyzed how the company is coping with the pandemic.

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