Mid Term Questions

Part A

Hiring Plan


Exciting Projects INC. (EPI) is looking for a new team of dedicated delivery drivers to fill the new positions created by increasing demand and exiting employees. There 3 positions for full-time delivery drivers two positions for part-timers to fill the gap for exiting employees. The company also expects to recruit ten full-timers and six part-timers to prepare for the anticipated surge in demand in the coming months after the economy reopens after the lockdown.

Job Requirements

  • General Education Development (GED) certificate or high school diploma
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Clean driving record/no serious driving-related violations
  • Experience driving and parking sizeable to large vehicles
  • Physically fit and can comfortably lift 50 pounds
  • Experience in using pallet jacks, hand trucks, and forklifts is an added advantage.
  • Hardworking and dependable

Recruiting Source

The company considers recruiting from outside the organization/ external source to attract a pool of diverse drivers for the job. The firm will use internet advertising or online job boards for advertising the vacancies to job seekers. The team members will also be encouraged to forward the job announcement to their networks. About 24% of those employed say that they saw the opportunities through an online job board with 35% report getting their job through networks, making the two sources favourable for EPI. As the company rolls out the job announcement, frequent monitoring will be done to see the response. 

Developing the Pool of Qualified Recruits

The company will rely heavily on social media for talent pool development. Social media increase job visibility, enabling the company to identify and recruit talented and dedicated employees. Social recruiting is not only useful in enhancing job visibility but also increasing the company’s brand awareness. A strong presence on social media promotes trustworthiness. LinkedIn is a perfect choice for recruiting, but EPI Company will also use Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility because of the time constraint factors from our company side.

Writing the Advertisement

The advert will follow the basic structure covering the job and its specifications, range of compensation package, hiring employers, and the address to submit the resume.

Advert Structure

  • Job title
  • Compensation/Salary
  • Location
  • Introduction to business
  • Job role and responsibilities
  • Key requirements or qualifications

Job Advert

Job position: Delivery Drivers


Owner driver operator: $0.95 – $1.80 per mile

Company team driver: $0.49 – $0.75 per mile

EPI is in the business of same-day courier services, serving the Metro Vancouver area since 2005. The company is currently looking for dedicated candidates to fill the position of delivery drivers. The positions are open for both permanent and part-time basis.

Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Keep accurate delivery records and customer authorization, and submit the documents to management on time.
  • Follow scheduled delivery routes
  • Ensure timely delivery of the products
  • Collect signatures when goods are delivered to the recipient customer
  • Keep the delivery van organized and tidy
  • Document delivery location and time 
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Require Skills

Job Requirements

  • GED certificate or high school diploma
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Experience driving and parking sizeable to vehicles
  • Physically fit and can comfortably lift 50 pounds
  • Experience in using pallet jacks, hand trucks, and forklifts is an added advantage.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with the clients both written and verbally

Application Form

The job application form will capture the applicants’ contact information, job/work history, educational background, as shown below:

Personal Information

First Name: ___________Middle Name: ___________Last Name: ____________________

Street Address: __________________________

State, City, Zip Code: _____________________

Telephone Number (s): (___) _____________________

Email Address: __________________________

Have you ever worked/applied to work for our organization [ ] Yes or [ ] No

If yes, please clarify (indicate date): _______________________


Position Applying For:___________________________

Anticipated Compensation/Salary: $________

Nature of Construct:

Full time/owner driver operator [ ] Yes or [ ] No

Part-time work/company team driver [ ] Yes or [ ] No

Educational Level

High School[ ] Yes or [ ] No

College/University[ ] Yes or [ ] No

Employment History

If presently employed, can we contact your employers in case necessary? [ ] Yes or [ ] No

Employer name _______________________

Employer address_______________________

Phone number_______________________

Duration of employment (indicate dates) _______________________



Reason for exit_______________________


Part B

  1. Testing

Yes, all the selected applicants will be put under several testing to narrow down to those who are most suitable for the job after the screening. Because the job’s nature entails one-on-one interactions with the customers, the HR will first conduct intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EI) tests. IQ will measure the ability of the applicants to reason and communicate effectively with the clients. Memory, numerical ability, exceptional visualization, and perception speed are essential to ensure accuracy when handling inventories and must be tested. EI test will measure areas such as the applicants’ ability to monitor other people’s emotions and their emotions and apply the same knowledge to guide their actions and decisions. Emotional intelligence is essential for building a relationship with customers. Since the job requires lifting some loads, the HR will also test for motor and physical abilities. The candidates’ ability to guarantee high standard job performance will be tested using personality, and interest inventories achievement tests since mental and physical abilities may sometimes not guarantee performance. The hypothetical test will further be done to ensure that the candidate can perform.

  • Interview Techniques

Both situational and behavioural interviews will be conducted since the job’s nature demands a high level of interaction with clients and, therefore, high performance. The situational interview will help the HR team predict how the applicant can demonstrate behaviour in different circumstances. Any awkward behaviour that can jeopardize the relationship with the clients will translate into a knockout. Past work-related behaviour interviews will be conducted to clarify the applicant’s behaviours further. A selective interview through oral inquiry/face-to-face or over phone calls will be conducted for the top 40 remaining applicants and will act as the final stage of the interview.

  • A checklist of preliminary questions to be asked in the first round of interview (face to face or over the phone or even video calling)
  • What actions would you take if you got stuck in heavy traffic in the process of making time-sensitive delivery?

The question evaluates the following aspects:

  • The ability of the applicant to be polite to customers
  • The ability to drive safely under pressure
  • Willingness to look for alternative solutions
  • Can you briefly tell me about your driving record?

The question evaluates the following aspects:

  • Honesty concerning past driving records
  • How to avoid future accidents
  • Official driving license without significant problems
  • Why are you interested in working for our company as a delivery driver?

The question evaluates the following aspects:

  • Interest in the job
  • Knowledge about the company
  • Other reasons other than money
  • How will you manage a delivery where the customer is not available, but you need to collect a signature?

The question evaluates the following aspects:

  • Willingness to adhere to company policies
  • Patience with the customer
  • Flexibility in odd circumstances
  • Kindly tell me one instance where you had applied time management skills to complete a delivery affectively.

The question evaluates the following aspects:

  • Ability to meet the expectation of the schedule
  • Capability to define priority tasks and think strategically about delivery routes