Resources used in assisting the September 11, 2001

The September 11, 2001 terror attack was quite catastrophic. The American government in collaboration with other stakeholders such as the American Red Cross provided medical assistance and counseling to the victims on the ground. Statistics indicate that from the Emergency Relief Fund, the American Red Cross granted cheques totaling 54.3 million dollars to approximately 2,776 families (Heilprin, J. 2003).  The American Red Cross further provided various hospitals with blood from their blood banks. Furthermore, it aided in the preparation of medical records of the various patients thereafter referring certain cases to mental health attentions. Precisely, statistics indicate 172,612 cases were referred to mental health contact due to the nature of their medical case. The American Red Cross also steered collection and distribution of emergency supplies from volunteers and well wishers

In addition, charities and various relief agencies within and outside America raised over 657 million dollars in a short span of three weeks. These went directly to assist the immediate survivors and their respective families. It was an act of solidarity and nationhood since Americans stood united and offered the so much needed support to the terror attack victims. (Heilprin, J. 2003).

Moreover, the American government, the most affected, offered monetary, health and moral assistance to the victims and the nation at large. Through the congress, a federal fund for victims and the airline industry was established with a huge budget of approximately seven billion dollars being allotted to the victims and their respective families. Various government departments were also on the forefront of curbing the terror attack. The military, the police, the fire department, the medical practitioners, psychologists and other relevant professions from the American government were committed in their quest of saving lives and property from the terror acts. Furthermore, a number of memorial funds and other charitable drives were steered by the USA government with some funds coming from individuals with others from organizations.

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