Resources used in assisting the Hurricane Katrina disaster victims

The Katrina disaster was a natural calamity which claimed many lives. It was a national disaster which attracted the attention of the entire world. Various governments offered their support to the American government in a bid to assist the Hurricane’s victims. In the Hurricane Katrina disaster, federal government agencies such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), non-governmental organizations, local level agencies and private individuals responded to the disaster in their respective potential/ capacities. The National Disaster Medical System for instance had activated all medical teams around America. (Brown A. 2005)

The US Government also played a crucial role in relief since it was the most affected politically. Through the Congress, the government approved approximately 51.8 billion dollars for relief purposes. Although monetary donations fell below the expected the relief needs, a number of countries provided their support towards the US government through grants and donations for the same purpose. These included Canada, France, United Kingdom and Germany. The military also played a crucial role through providing relief services and assistance for the Hurricane victims for several weeks by airlifting survivors to dry places. Medical and food supplies were also airlifted to the affected areas by the military. There were also thousands of volunteers also engaged in providing assistance to the affected victims in different ways such as erecting tents, distributing relief food among other necessities.

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