Organizational Behavior

There are several artifacts I can see at Universal Technical College (UTI). One of them is the style of dressing code. Since it is a technical college, most students and employees put on overalls and hard hats because of their work—for example, those doing automotive diesel and welding. The second artifact is the language used in the school environment. In most cases, the language used is informal. Both teachers and students use informal language and even incorporate jokes in their communication. Thirdly, there is a higher degree of automation and technology in which school has incorporated their innovation with high technology machines for learning. Lastly, the physical and academic environments are conducive, welcoming, and fun. For example, there are shades under which people rest on a hot sunny day. The artifacts tell that the employer is informal and technology-oriented and one who likes comfort and fun.

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The college’s espoused values are its mission and purpose statements and values. The mission is “to serve students, partners, and communities by providing quality education and training for in-demand careers (“About universal technical institute,” n.d.).” The organization’s purpose is to change the world by changing one life at a time. The values are wisdom, fun, innovation, courage, trust, and care. The management’s behaviors are consistent with the values because they have already incorporated innovative machines, establish a funny and caring environment, and encourages everyone to be innovative, enforcing courage.

One of my beliefs about my employer is that they are technology-oriented. The second one is that they believe in delivering quality services, and lastly, they are people-oriented and strive for positive relationships. The beliefs are consistent with the meaning of the artifacts I identified. For example, innovative and high technology machines mean quality, a fun environment, and informal language means positive relationships.


About universal technical institute. (n.d.). UTI Corporate.