Literature Review

The assignment will be graded out of 10%


The purpose of this assignment is to document your understanding of the literature pertinent to the selected research topic.

 Tools and Resources


STEP 1. For each of the sources (i.e., references) you have been collecting (at least 5 sources for your preliminary bibliography), complete an annotated bibliography.

Each annotation should include the following items:

  1. Begin citing each material you reviewed using APA style guidelines.
  2. Briefly describe the main focus or the purpose of the source. What is the article about? What is the purpose of the article? What are the research questions?
  3. Describe the important observations, findings, or conclusions reached by the author. Namely, what is the research design? Who are the participants of the study? What are the data collection tools? What are the findings?
  4. Evaluate the usefulness or relevance of the work to your research topic (i.e., why will you use this source? Why is the source relevant to your topic?).
  5. Summarize each article in one or two paragraphs using your own words without copying and pasting the author’s words.
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STEP 2. Once you have completed each annotation, develop a literature review.

Your literature review combines the information collected from the annotated bibliography into a coherent narrative that justifies your research question and related investigation.

Guidelines for the annotated bibliography
For each of the 5 articles,

  1. State the purpose of the study described in the article
  2. State the research question(s)
  3. State the research methodology and/or design (qualitative, quantitative, or mixed)
  4. Describe the main characteristics of the participants of the research study
  5. State the results or findings of the study
  6. Evaluate its usefulness or relevance to your topic
  7. Cite the article using APA style guidelines
Purpose of the study/ Research question (s)1.5 
Relevance to your research topic1.5 
Research method (including participants, materials, & procedure)  1.5 
Research results and conclusions1.5 
Coherence of the literature review. Namely, information from each summary should provide a justification for the study that the student will carry out.2 
Writing quality & APA citation2 
  Total Points:  10 %