Diversity in Faculty in Higher Education

Every company needs a solid foundation. In Lowes, seasonal workers are hired by the firm to help out, and some remain at the end of the period at Lowe’s. Yet, with many employees, the company has grown in business over time. It signifies that the organization has excellent abilities in worker management and, as a result, might be regarded as a benchmark reference whenever it relates to human resource activities. Given that every worker possesses their objectives, requirements, aims, and desires, overseeing the whole assembly of employees is challenging, particularly for firm management (Bao et al., 2021). The firm has built an excellent image in recent years due to the reasonable prices of its items.

 Lowe’s has created a solid logistics and distribution infrastructure to drive efficiency. A robust and efficient distribution network will enable successful inventory management in an economic environment characterized by decreasing sales volumes. Furthermore, Lowes’ extensive distribution network will help grow retail outlets without boosting capacity. To capitalize on this strength, the company’s efficient supply chain should allow it to gather successfully, segment, and monitor additional possibilities. (Song, 2018). The corporation’s accomplishment is significant because of its notion of selling high-quality items at reasonable pricing.  According to research, the United States nationals consume the company’s products and services from specific regions. Despite having a presence in the United States, Canada, and other countries, the corporation produces most of its income in the United States.

Strategy Formulation and Planning

Assessing an institution’s existing condition or location is the first reasonable move in a strategic approach. Understanding the organizational ecosystem allows a company to determine its mission or goal(Bao et al., 2021). Evaluating a company environment necessitates considering a variety of factors. To do a good business analysis, one must use methods like Situation analysis, Porter’s five model, the Global model or PESTEL, and value chain analysis. The following is an assessment of Lowe’s performance in the overall comparator group’s human resources posture;

Benefits and Compensation

Workers started protesting regarding the payment advantages they were obtaining from their workplace, Lowe’s, only some few years back. According to inside employees, the company management has remained not devoted to their employers. It is fair to say that Lowe’s is not the only company grappling with worker displeasure. The issue is that employment at a retails entails a lot of manual work, especially if you’re in charge of loading and organizing the stores. As a result, employees are in danger of injury. Due to many compensation applications, the corporation cannot settle on a single uniform payment plan. Payment procedures are frequently overburdened. Furthermore, the company has a reputation for neglecting to compensate wounded employees for the wages entitled to them by state law(Harrison, 2019). Many workers were compelled to undergo prolonged court actions to receive what they earned. Furthermore, as one employee stated, most workers have relied on government support in terms of perks.

Business Leadership and Strategy

It is extensively developing in innovation so that its clients may buy from any place. The industry’s CEO stated that the company had built a strong plan and communicated with all stakeholders. Strategic management, per the company, was a vision-guided method focused on reframing the company’s standing and articulating performance targets(Jiang, n.d.). Consumers, the general public, business associates, and producers were allowed to offer their thoughts to attain the utmost suitable goals. Lowe’s CEO stated that the corporation could maintain its top position in retail corporations with appropriate leadership motivations. Lowe’s has been returning to the roots by better knowing its clients, which is not without its problems. According to its CEO, the firm has three essential clients: the do-it-yourselfer, the do-it-for-me, plus the specialist. All of those clients possess significantly varied desires and demands, and Lowe’s must be able to fulfill all of its customers across the same storefronts and internet domains.


            According to a recent analysis, the covid-19 epidemic has unfairly harmed women, particularly women of color (Song, 2018). Consequently, most women had quit their jobs. Whereas the challenge is hardly unique to Lowe’s, the company has implemented methods to achieve diversity by focusing on rules and perks that promote flexibility, healthcare, and diverse practices. As its CEO stated, the company’s initiatives to help women include giving degree alternatives with free college expenses, allowing for maternity leave, and granting steady and consistent timing. The gloomy research highlights the globe’s largest retailer’s considerable challenges in broadening its higher echelons. This endeavor has acquired significance ever since the killing of George Floyd highlighted institutional prejudice in the United States. Like other major American firms, the company has committed to tackling racial inequality in the coming years. Lowe’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusiveness is at the heart of the company’s culture and permeates every aspect of our business. Lowe’s as a corporation has done well regarding diversity. The organization has incorporated diversity into its culture to provide more powerful products and solutions, leading to improved commercial success. Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison has promoted minority business people as one of just four black CEOs in the leadership of a Fortune 500 corporation.

Employee Relations

Most companies fail to elevate women to managerial roles, causing ethical issues. Staff turnover is significant due to poor worker satisfaction and an ever burden. Outside of the firm, the company maintains a poor image, which has attempted to repair using the press and marketing. Over decades, the corporation has become embroiled in several disputes, and it has paid thousands of dollars to settle the matters. Employees tend to walk their separate ways and accomplish their things, which has an impact on performance for identifying potential problems that employees may experience (McMann, 2019). Management and staff must work together to address and address these concerns in a significant manner.

With so much adaptability and a shrewder ear for user base matters, Lowe’s can enhance the dealing of its interaction with societies and executives, i.e., it can consider taking the brave move of modifying its pay level, recognize more fluidity inside its retail stores, and converse earlier than regular and frequent with societies it desires to be in, create organizational collaborations and manageable collaborations with regional social enterprises. Lowe’s experiences in areas wherein the corporation was embraced and collaborated benefited both sides and could function as a model for prospective relationships, becoming a member of a larger social structure that is active and flexible(Song, 2018). The company managers must grasp the cycle of transformation in their business and community, the company’s basic organizational concept and its development with time, and the developments in the community, the marketing system, and the retail sector. Top business managers must drive presently as in the foreseeable tomorrow by adopting the effort to improve partnerships that satisfy all participants.


Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

According to the company’s official site, they appreciate and recognize the significance of morals and honesty throughout the business. This company’s ethical principles state that they value each affiliation, own the work they do, and interact by paying attention and exchanging ideas, being there to help people, assist one another, offer to the surrounding societies, and working as a team and design good characteristics whilst also being innovative and improving each day. Whereas Lowes seeks to observe these ethical rules appear to offer nothing but prosperity to the business and society, the situation supplied in several research studies obtained from many internet sources indicates otherwise.

Lowe’s has established a clear link between staff engagement and consumer pleasure. The business has also discovered that the confluence of these two criteria predicts business results.

Employees that are strongly involved in their jobs perform well in stores. This trend holds consistent even in more prominent locations where higher-than-average total sales may ordinarily lower average client satisfaction ratings – firmly committed employees can moderate or even reverse this impact. Lowe’s knows this link and the value of staff engagement, which is why it understood it was required to fix the difficulties that had emerged as a result of its recent reorganization.

 Organizational and Employee Development

An investment in employee improvement may be a powerful strategy for attracting and retaining employees. Employees and candidates alike want to improve and grow, implying that growth and advancement are no more discretionary; they are a required element of the workforce benefit offer(Song, 2018). A diverse product offering means that the firm has a vast customer network. This vast consumer base provides the organization with negotiating leverage, eventually requiring effective human resource management procedures. Although product diversification is admirable, it is imitable, even when the business attempts to introduce new product lines. However, Lowes’s most significant problem in its human resource improvement plans is identifying education requirements. However, the optimal practice is that which is connected to performance management. In the case of Lowes, the organization’s client service is still in jeopardy. As a result, need evaluation is critical in establishing if education is the best approach for enhancing consumer experience and contentment. As a result, the training component of this examination concentrates on assessing gender instances of different interested groups and language ability. Furthermore, the need evaluation should consider the long-term creation of demands founded on the institutional necessity for staff wellbeing(Bao et al., 2021).

Talent Management 

            Lowes is a massive industry with several potentials for expansion Lowe’s embarked on a “mission” to become a more robust purpose-driven corporation a few years ago. The business self-reflection encompassed thoughts of how to present constraints on skilled-trade personnel that will affect its future–and the welfare of its workers. These initiatives have a significant impact on workers all around the world. Lowe’s possessed among the worst reputation in talent management sometimes ago, but how could it change its image to recruit more talent? This is a significant problem since it leads to high turnover; what are some innovative workers policies that may be implemented to reduce staff turnover? The third challenge that the company faces is a lack of customer service. This problem arises when employees believe they are underpaid; thus, they display poor customer service and suffer overall performance. The final point is how Lowes can boost employee compensation or provide bonuses to promote productivity in the firm and provide better customer service.


Lowe’s Innovative Labs envisions and executes the future of home improvement retail. With such specialization in accelerating technologies like AR/VR, robots, AI, and others, the teammates enhance the encounters the consumers demand today while developing unique innovations to power the future. Lowe’s recognizes the necessity to improve its retailing technology in certain areas to meet today’s customer demands and compete with other retailers. To achieve that goal, the home remodeling shop has been upgrading its technologies, including tearing down its cost management program, implementing prediction planning, replatforming its site, and integrating mobile features. Those technological advances were exhibited during the corporation’s yearly shareholder conference, part of a series of activities geared to reward and invigorate colleagues that included two days of company sector reports and retail presentations for the press.

Best Practices in Human Resource Management

The corporation is among the largest globally concerning organizational scale, business benefits, and economic success. The company guarantees that its people assets are encouraged by meeting the needs and expectations of the company. Lowes evaluates how its operations, like the company’s internal procedures, aid in developing its people capabilities (Bao et al., 2021). For instance, the organization handles human resource management and work environment and how such components lead to great worker productivity. Hr managers additionally analyze how the company culture and management design, recruiting and hiring, development and education, performance appraisal, remuneration, and professional advancement affect the company’s employees’ efficiency. The proficiency with which HR issues are addressed impacts the industry’s profitability and development possibilities. Lowe’s plans should promote the ongoing growth of its employees and associated management styles.


The SWOT assessment is the best standard to analyze the business strategy creation process. The term SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This analysis provides a complete and extensive study of strategy formation and assists an institution in determining if a particular strategy is suitable for implementation(Harrison, 2019). The relative relevance of each component inside each SWOT category gives crucial decision-making information. This SWOT analysis is critical in helping Lowe’s to develop strategic strategies for the company’s growth. The information acquired should aid the organization in developing the most effective strategy for long-term success. SWOT analysis enhances certain businesses and transforms their flaws into strengths. With some of the essay’s recommendations, it may be possible to define the objectives that must be included in creating a corporate strategy, allowing the organization to select the most significant areas of capability.

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