Communication and Media

Part 1


Sports involve games or various competitive physical activities through organized or casual participation. Sports aim to improve, maintain and use physical skills and ability by entertaining the spectators and participants’ enjoyment.

Question A- Age

I became interested in sports activities at the age of 6. At this young age, I became both a fan and a participant in athletics.

Question B- Influence

I was influenced into this sport by my father and my neighbour. When I was young, I would observe my neighbour run around the village and sometimes passed by our home. Initially, I was not too fond of the experience, mostly when I watched how tired and worn out he was after running many kilometres. I thought this man was doing injustice to himself, and anytime he requested me to join him, I refused and hid. Later, my dad was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. According to his therapist, the best medicine was physical exercise. He could not believe it; hence continued taking medication as prescribed by the doctor. Unfortunately, the health deteriorated, and on visiting the health centre, they advised him to consider exercise. He was anxious about his health and decided to join my neighbour in the morning and evening running. In two months, my dad’s condition had significantly improved. I was so encouraged that I also opted to join them as I realized that exercise is a medicine for many diseases. Later I found it fan running daily as it made me energized and happy. My grades in school improved after joining the running exercise, and that is how I was influenced into joining athletics and becoming a fan.

Question C- Interest

Up to date, my interest in sports is still in athletics, but I am also a fan of soccer. My interest in athletics has grown more robust due to my exposure and continued societal support.

Part 2

Question A- Experiences

In school, I was considered the leader of all sports activities. The position was a significant opportunity for me to expound on my sporting interests, especially in athletics. I was always informed of any sports happening in the school, and, as a leader, I was privileged to be the chief organizer. As a good leader, I always led by example hence made sure I participated in sports, especially athletics, as I had a good experience. I won many athletics, and until today I have some of the medals and gifts that I got, which act as my motivator to continue with sports in life. I also successfully organized soccer in school that made our team victorious. The experiences were positive, and the notion has made me a fan of football to date.


Question B- Social values

I believe in fairness, a social value that I obtained as an athlete and sports leader in school. The victory I got in athletics was fairness considered while conducting the region’s sports activities. Every student was given an equal chance, and during the race, nobody was favoured, and the best candidate was fairly awarded. As a sports leader in school, I ensured all the soccer participants were fairly selected depending on one’s potential. As a result, victory was recorded. I also interacted with students from other schools, and those who performed poorly complained of lack of fairness by their leaders while selecting the team member. Thus, I learn that fairness is a crucial aspect of life that I believe up to date.

Collective responsibility I another social value I learnt from my experiences in sports, and I am practicing it to date. Our teachers had trained us to be responsible for each other. We took care of each other during the competition to ensure everyone was physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared for the sports. As a result, we always became victorious and fairly celebrated brothers and sisters. If anyone lost their belongings, we were here to support them; hence, people admired each other’s unity and responsibility.

Part 3

Question A- Influential people

Eliud Kipchoge is a marathon world record holder who has impacted my interest in sports as both a participant and spectator. He is famous for the long distancing running and has influenced me. I have been following his marathon journey, making me more passionate. The 2019 Landon marathon that he won in 2:02:37 time was fantastic. He beat his record of the 2016 London Marathon, making me more interested in athletics sports. Kipchoge’s slogan that no human is limited drives my passion for athletics.

Lionel Messi is a professional footballer who has influenced my passion for watching soccer. He plays as a captain and forwards in Argentina’s national team and Barcelona. Messi is the world’s best player, and his tactics in soccer tactics inspire me to continue watching the game. He is well paid and has won many awards, which inspires me to join soccer as it is rewarding.

Question B- Individual social factors

Race is a social factor that has influenced me and my sports experience. There is no racial discrimination in sports, which motivates me to love marathons as I will be fairly treated no matter the country I visit. Eliud Kipchogen is a Black and is well treated in the European nation as he undertakes the races. There is fairness in awarding the winners hence my passion for sports. Religion is another social factor that has influenced me in sports. When selecting the soccer players in the world football teams, all people are considered no matter their religion. Mohamed Salah is a prominent Liverpool player despite his Muslim faith.

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Part 4- Identity

I am a known athlete in the village, and anytime I am around, people come home for morning exercise. I have influenced many people in athletics by motivating young people who have shown outstanding sports efforts. I am an athlete who does it for fun and health purposes. I have helped many people deal with health-related disorders through exercise. I am a fan of soccer, but I am identified by many in athletics than in football. My identity in athletics has been of great value to me. I am always considered in many social programs to talk to young people about sports and life in general. I also get many athletics competition opportunities to my identity in this sport. As an athlete, I have met many prominent people in society who have been of great help to me.