BSBHRM501_Assessment_Task_3_Evaluate HR delivery

  1. Areas of Underperformance

Firstly, the HR Service Provider does not meet the goals of the SLA. The case highlights that the Power People does not complete its checks, has inadequate business needs, and has caused confusion. Secondly, the line manager does not complete paper works within stipulated deadlines. He also has a tendency to procrastinate making decisions. Thirdly, the HR advisor seems to be uncooperative with other managers, failing interpersonal relationships.

HR Action Plan

ActivityTimelineStrategy/application of policy (if relevant)ResourcesPersonResponsibility
Ensure recruitment process is speedyOne dayUtilize computer programmes such as online recruitment strategiesComputer programPeoplePower managementReduce delays in the service delivery
Provide correct and relevant informationAlwaysFamiliarize with the company to identify its needs.N/APeoplePower managementAvoid confusion
Submit requests and decisions timelyAlwaysN/ARemindersLine ManagerTo speed up operations
Foster cooperation and teamworkAlwaysOrganize regular meetingN/AHR AdvisorTo avoid conflicts
  • Email to the Director of HR

Dear Director of HR,

I have noted underperformance in several departments of the organization. Kindly see the attached summary and a proposed action plan. I was hoping you could give me feedback on the proposed action plan.

Kind regards.

  • Video Script (HR Advisor in the Sydney Logistics Division)

Me: Good afternoon sir, thank you for having me.

HR Advisor: You are welcome. What have you brought with you?

Me: I have several issues that concern human resource in my organization. Firstly, the HR Service Provider is incompetent and does not meet the goals of the service delivery. For instance, regular checks are seldom conducted, the provider offers inadequate information regarding business needs, and have caused confusion. Secondly, the line manager is a master procrastinator of completing critical paper works and making decisions. The HR advisor seems to be uncooperative with other managers, failing interpersonal relationships.

HR Advisor: That must have costed your organization a fortune. What have you done so far?

Me: I have created an action plan that involves the HR service provider using computer programs to speed up operations and familiarise it with the company to identify its needs. The HR Advisor will meet regularly with other managers to foster collaboration. I have not found a strategy for the line manager.

HR Advisor: This is a good action plan. Proceed to implement it. About the line manager, he may be offered an assistant.

Me: Thank you.

  • Email to Senior Management

Dear Sir or Madam,

I write in regard to the underperformance witnessed in the organization. The underperformance arises from unethical behaviour from critical stakeholders like the HR Service provider and top management. I have conducted an analysis and come up with an action plan attached.

I look forward to your approval for the implementation of the action plan.

Thank you

  • Email to the HR

Dear HR,

After the senior management’s approval to implement the action plan for unethical behaviour, I will need your help to proceed. The issues leading to underperformance are related to human resource. Therefore, kindly provide the following;

  1. A performance warning letter to the HR Service Provider for underperformance
  2. An assistant for the line manager
  3. A reminder and events planner for the lines manager
  4. Schedule performance review meetings where all managers will meet attend.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  • Email to Stakeholders

Dear stakeholder,

In the ongoing performance improvement strategy, the company is doing the following.

  1. Warning the HR Service provider.
  2. Providing support to the line manager.
  3. Fostering interpersonal relations between the HR Advisor and other employees.

The HR team is helping us by drafting the warning letters, hiring a lines manager assistant, and calling regular meetings. We look forward to improved performance in the near future.

  • Email to the HR Manager

Dear HR Manager,

I have resolved the underperformance in the departments I had raised concerns. I must admit it was not easy, but with the HR team’s help, it has become possible. I began by mobilizing the HR Advisor to be cooperative with other managers and employees. It has taken almost a month to bear fruits. Other strategies worked within a short time. For instance, the HR Service provider became diligent with their roles, and the lines manager is efficient after an assistant reduced his workload. Thank you for your support.

Part B

HR Compliance

  1. What are two pieces of legislation that may apply to managing human resources? Provide examples of how they are applied.

The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 will ensure that the line manager assistance is recruited fairly, without discrimination of any applicant. The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 demands that the HR Service provider educate only the high standard content, and that does not confuse.

  • How do human resource strategies and planning processes relate to business and operational plans? Provide an example based on the case study organization.

Human resource strategies ensure that employee’s performance is optimal. That way, the overall performance of an organization increases. For instance, helping the lines manager to process paper works faster improves the business process’s speed, hence more productivity.

  • What is performance management for the delivery of HR services? Provide an example based on the case study organisation.

Performance management for the HR Services concern ongoing communication between the service provider and the client. For instance, People Power does regular checks on the organization, to the programs formerly started are continuing.

  • What is contract management for HR service delivery? Provide an example based on the case study organization.

Contract management concerns ongoing creation, delivery, and ongoing maintenance. For instance, the HR Service provider has created a contract with the organization.

  • How is the feedback used to modify the delivery of human resources? Provide an example based on the case study organization.

Feedback gives insights about areas of improvement. That way, business processes are optimized to motivate employees and attract customers. For instance, the lines manager responds to his underperformance, citing that the forms are many and complex. That suggests that an assistant would help him.

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6. Create a fact sheet for employees at John Readings to ensure that everyone understands and observes the code of conduct. Ensure that your fact sheet the sfollowing questions (ensure you provide the required procedure and examples):

  1. What are the requirements of the organisation’s code of conduct?

a.         Ethical principles

b.         Disciplinary actions

c.         Values

d.         Professional standards

e.         Accountability

  • How would you communicate the code of conduct? Discuss:

i. Activities

ii. Strategies to achieve the aims of the communication activities

iii. Technologies and media to achieve the aims of the communication strategies.

First, the code of conduct will be written, soft and print copies. Each employee will have a copy. The code of conduct will be integrated into the company’s values, such as honesty. There will be justice and fairness, such that the reporting system for breaches is transparent. That may be through a company app or directly to the disciplinary team. A committee chosen by employees would deal the disciplinary matter. An ideal strategy to communicate the code is being persuasive through charismatic leadership qualities.

  • Who would you consult and why?

I would consult all employees and staff on the relevant matter. The code is not meant to harass employees; therefore, I would inquire from them about their needs. The senior management would advise whether the code aligns with the strategic plan of the organization.

  • How would you monitor employee adherence to the code of conduct?

I would use surveys and observation to assess the adherence to the code. Indicators such as public misbehaviour would suggest the code has not been adhered to, and vice versa. On the other hand, civil conflict resolution and respect would indicate the use of the code.

e. How would you incorporate the code of conduct into HR policies and practices?

Provide a procedure for the case study organisation.

I would ensure that the recruitment process makes applicants aware of the stringent measures against immoral behaviours and the value of the organization’s code of conduct. The case states that employees lack a sense of accountability and have poor awareness of organizational values. The code of conduct would help avoid that. I would also incorporate the code in hiring and retention. One will qualify for promotion if they have a good score on codes of conduct, among other metrics. For instance, in the current plan to up-skill and re-skill employees, the opportunities would also be given based on an employee’s reputation regarding adherence to the code of conduct.

f. How would you incorporate the code of conduct into service level agreements?

Provide an example based on the case study organisation.

The first step in incorporating the code of conduct into the service level agreement is to understand it. Reviewing the SLA terms will remind me of its objectives and tailor the code to align with the objectives. It would also ensure that the SLA is implemented as planned. That would avoid issues such as delayed recruitment and failed follow-ups, as revealed in the case.

g. How can the effective implementation by HR of a code of conduct contribute to

business and operational success? Provide an example based on the case study


Ethical codes elaborate the goals, vision, and mission of an organization. It makes clear the dos and the don’ts. Thus, employees are aware of the expectation of managers. They work together towards meeting the goals of the organization, hence success. For instance, the case illustrates that poor training has led to low morale, which will affect organization performance.

h. How would you personally ensure that you adhered to (and were seen to adhere to) the organisation’s code of conduct?

I would establish strong personal contact with employees. One-on-one interaction with them would forge an ideal relationship for appealing to them to use the code.

7. Create a document titled: Managing Unethical Behaviour. Read the following scenario and provide your response to each question below.


You have had a complaint from one of the senior managers that information relating

to a sexual harassment investigation was being discussed amongst his team members. He believes the human resources advisor allocated to his team may have discussed the case with a friend (uninvolved in the case) who works in the manager’s department.

  1. What action would you take as the human resources manager?

I will give written notice to the employee to warn him.

  • What could be the consequences of failing to act promptly and appropriately?

The incidence might damage the company’s reputation. Notably a balnd is an important business tool that should be protected.

  • What could be the business impact of failing to act promptly and appropriately?

Once the business brand is tarnished, it might take a very long time to build.

  • How can you ensure all human resources staff are clear about ethical expectations and behaviours?
  • A constant reminder of the code of conduct and the values of the organization can help.