Working with Constraints

1.Who should you notify, if anyone, and why?           

The success or failure of a project depends mostly on a project manager. In case of a raw material change, I would consider it crucial to notify the US Environmental Protection Agency and major stakeholders. It is important to notify top managers to invite architectural designers to develop a better air handling unit for harmful gases that the raw material will emit. I would notify regulators, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, to offer a license that will settle limits on the gases that will pollute the environment. It is also crucial to notify stakeholders such as the project team to train them on how to handle the raw materials and educate them on the protective measures when handling the latest raw material.    

2. Should you make the decision and then alert management, or should you wait for someone else to decide on how to proceed?

I would still use the consultative approach as informing the management will enable them to allocate resources for designing the laboratory that will allow emission of gases and purchasing personal protective equipment for use by the employees.


3. The potential for off-gassing is an element that was presented to you for consideration. Does it matter as the manufacturing process is in China and will not affect US workers?

Off-gassing a toxic chemical creates a hazardous working environment, puts employees’ lives at risk, and jeopardizes brand reputation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration partners with companies nationwide to find the best to reduce workplace dangers. Creating a conducive working environment creates a safe and productive environment that provides maximum productivity, hence reducing workers’ absenteeism. A company that prioritizes workers’ safety increases employee satisfaction as it plays a vital role in developing a positive environment. A company must safeguard its assets, including employees, as a company cannot function without laborers.

4. What steps or accommodations should be made, if any, and why?

The project manager should liaise with the top managers and assess the production teams’ health and safety risks and the surrounding environment. The company should identify employees at risk of inhaling any emitted gases, provide fume hoods, train them on safety precautions, and provide additional employee protection for work with specific hazardous equipment. The employer should install an air-handling unit and fume chamber for burning any poisonous gases from the raw materials.

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5. What do you think your level of due diligence is regarding verification of Lee’s claims that the finished product will comply with US regulations for safety? Please explain.

 I would hold on till I get a comprehensive report on the alternative material’s safety and standards. The comprehensive report is crucial as it will enable the project manager to identify the plant designs, process specifications of handling the raw material, and a written emergency plan in case of a disaster when handling the raw material.  

6. Do you have any alternative suggestions to Lee’s proposal, or should you defer to Lee’s opinion considering you are new to the company and new to the team?

I would stick to Lee’s proposal on the alternative raw material. If the raw material used before is no longer available, I would consider the proposal as the company has the employees who have the skills to adapt to the new raw material and develop how to mix up and realize the same product.