Vacation Training 5

Day 1: The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum

 this would be the destination for the first day. The environment us set up in a park that is open to the public. It includes the names of victims of four flights carved in metal panels.

Circle line: New York city Harbor lights cruise

For a clear view of the lights around the Manhattan skyline, a boat in the evening gives the best experience of enjoying the city.

Day 2: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This gives you a lifetime experience of art from over 5000 years ago from different parts if the world.

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

This is the best spot to have the most unforgettable experience by viewing through a 360-degree panoramic view.

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Day 3: Central Park

The best place to spend outdoors in NYC with open air and surrounded with trees.

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

This was a gift from France that signified enlightening the world and a crucial symbol of democracy and freedom.

Day 4: The Brooklyn Bridge

This bridge is one of the symbols that made New York what it is. It is a well-designed bridge used by pedestrians, motorists and trains.

 Greenwich Village Walking and Food Tasting Tour

One can get to view historic sites while taking bites in the famous eateries as well as restaurants.

Day 5: The Rockefeller Center

Empire state Building                        

It is the most famous building in the world. One enjoys both a museum and observatory as stated by Tauranac, (2014).

Day 6: The High Line

This was once a railway but it has been transformed into a park inclusive of seasonal foods, horticulture and is located on the West Side of Manhattan.

New York Catacombs by candlelight (evening)

The best place to spend time on the last evening American history is displayed through the St.Patrick Cathedral.


Tauranac, J. (2014). The Empire State Building. In The Empire State Building. Cornell University Press.