Vacation Planning 4

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The work of the DMO is to ensure that all the resources that visitors require know the activities they can participate in and the sites to see in NYC. The DMO is composed of a developed and integrated market team that facilitates group meetings as well as conventions and travel that is composed and motivated by not only leisure but also events within NYC. The team has a network that communicates with visitors from all over the world. The team provides the best hospitality services as we are linked to only the best hotels in the city, such as that providing excellent services worth every cent you spend. The services begin the moment one lands in the city as you will receive a warm welcome and be driven comfortably to the hotel. The package is composed of transportation to every point of the visit to the city up until the very day of departure.

The site of the visit in NYC is the Metropolitan Museum of arts or locally known as “The Met” (McDermon, 2022). It is one of the largest museums in the west, founded in 1870. It consists of art from ancient Egypt and classical antiquity. In addition, there are a number of sculptures and paintings within the museum from artists all over Europe and art by American inclusive of modern art (Met Museum, n.d.). The museum has a wide range of art, inclusive of African, Islamic, Byzantine, oceanic, and Asian art. Musical instruments, ancient weapons, costumes, armor, and accessories from all around. Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum experienced approximately two million tourists in the year 2021 (Silva, 2022). Tim Gunn, a famous American author, once claimed that this is oen the location he would prefer to be held captive forever in New York (Liu et al., 2015). The ratings that highly recommend the Metropolitan Museum of Arts is such as the, which advises on things to do in New York City (Tripadvisor, 2022).


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