Traveling Experience to a Museum

1. A brief outline of the essay focus

Nothing is interesting, like traveling, seeing new places for the first time, or returning to a favorite place previously visited. The focus of this essay is to explore why people, particularly students, should visit museums when they travel to a new location. There are many things one learns by visiting such places, including local history, customs, and culture. The museum allows the visitor to learn more about the locals (Mujtaba, Lawrence, Oliver, & Reiss, 2018). Besides, museums also refresh their contents, and modern technologies are included over recent years. For instance, many museums today incorporate modern sculptures and even the latest 3-movies series, making it the place for leisure when visiting a new location.

2. A brief outline of the essay structure


People of all ages, across the world, travel to new places primarily for work, leisure, and seeing family or loved ones. However, there is another aspect of traveling worth mentioning and trying out, and that is a trip to a museum. A trip to the museum offers an opportunity to expand general knowledge about the world, including history and customs, modern forms of art and entertainment. It also improves the student’s cultural capital by learning about local cultures (Falk & Dierking, 2018), and lastly, a visit to a museum enhances critical thinking (Greene, Kisida, & Bowen, 2014), looking at art and the world from practical perspective. 

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Key points

  • Trip to the museum experience expand general knowledge about the world
  • Improves cultural capital
  • Enhances critical thinking


There are a lot of experiences students can gain from a trip to a museum, including expanding their general knowledge about art, improving cultural capital, and critical thinking.


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