Transformation leadership

Transformation leadership refers to a process where one person (a leader) engages and connects with their followers to improve their molarity. Transformational leaders focus on their followers’ needs and motives and ensure an enabling environment for meeting each follower’s needs. The simulation illustrates instances of transformational leadership in nursing.

In the simulation – emergency huddle, the nurse leader uses an intellectual simulation of transformational leadership to find a solution for the lack of wedge pillows at DC Links Medical Campus. In intellectual stimulation, transformational leaders encourage their followers to be critical and think outside-the-box. Such followers are motivated to engage in the process of solution-finding through creativity and innovation. In the emergency huddle simulation, the nurse leader encourages her followers to think about feasible solutions to the lack of wedge pillows, where each idea is highly appreciated.

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One of the patient safety issues is revealed by the emergency huddle part, where the hospital lacks wedge pillows for patients. There was an incidence of inpatient pressure injuries due to the poor positioning of a patient. The nursing team, led by the nurse leader, sought to see the wedge pillows supplied sooner than the proposed one month to the hospital. One nurse had improvised a blanket to serve as a wedge pillow. However, that is not highly recommended. The nursing team suggests contacting the supplier to inform them about the critical condition. Another suggestion is to roll out education to all nurses to ensure reduced cases of inpatient injuries.

Nurses leaders may create an environment of positive change by leading as examples. Particularly, nursing leaders should ensure their followers’ morale is high by being the first to implement the in-hospital or department policies they make. Also, they should help their followers achieve their potential through coaching and mentoring.