This I Believe

It is a well-known fact that believing in oneself is the key to success. However, everyone has their own believes or values that govern the way they live. These believes and values define the life we live, and that explains why there is no clear definition of life but rather life is said to be made up of culture, believes, and values. Each particular group people say community, have got its values and believes different from another community. This narrows down to each individuals having different believes and values.  People use such believes and values to form a rule which governs their lifestyle and define their personality. While there are many values that different people can believe in, creativity, friendship, and learning are some of the values that dominate my lifestyle.


             Creativity is a value that has dominated my better part of my youthful life. Between the age of five years and fifteen years, I was a creative person, especially during my elementary learning. I remember I was the best student in arts and craft subjects. My skills in drawing were exemplary good and I saw my school won three trophies for arts symposiums. My skills would grow a day after the other and my teacher would put it that I always had something new every day. I received a recommendation from almost all my teachers that I was the most talented artist they had known so far.


            One thing that promoted my skills was simply having the right tools at hand. After discovering my drawing talent, my father bought for a whole set of drawing equipment. Out of this, I learned coloring and shading patterns way before I could start learning arts and craft subjects in schools. My parents were very supportive and they provided for all that it took for becoming a good artist. My creativity did not just end after the elementary learning; it is still helpful up to date. It is useful in making the right decisions and making sure that I remain fairly competitive in every environment I find myself in.


            It is inarguably true that everything is possible if you have the right people beside you. The first reason why I choose to have friends around me is for my mental health. Throughout my life, I have tried my best in keeping friends and making sure we have good times as often as possible. With friends, my gloomy thoughts would be wiped out leaving my mind fresh and strong to concentrate on my studies and other responsibilities of life. As the saying goes that a problem shared is a problem half solved, we used to believe a lot in this saying and as such we would meet to share our problems and everyone would walk home a happy soul.

            Even to date, I believe that friendship is one of the best gifts that life has to offer. For that reason, I have always strived to keep all my friends and nature the friendship to the best of my ability. True friendship brings joy throughout all the stages of life. I remember in our high school classes we used to form learning groups based on our friendships and tutor one another on various study concepts.


            I take learning as a lifetime activity and self-initiated education that is necessary to achieve personal development. Lifetime learning does not have to be restricted in the classroom learning but as a means to achieve self-fulfillment. I passed through several stages of learning right from learning how to walk and how to talk in my baby stage. My mother taught me the basics of life which would not be taught through formal learning. I was also taught how to ride a bicycle by my elder brother while I was five years of age. Up to date, I still enjoy riding a bicycle and I keep on learning new ways on how to make the riding more enjoyable.

            The fact is that everyone is a lifetime learner and there are always new things that we need to know to remain relevant in life. As a student, I will need to make learning a continuous process for me to successfully get good grades. As I was talking to my working friends and they argued that they need to keep on learning or else their skills will become obsolete in the labor industry.


            To conclude, although I find myself applying a lot of values and rules in my life, it is not practical to discuss every value that I live by. The above three values have been the main values that define my lifestyle. My rule of life rotates within the tree mentioned values and I have seen them shape my life and direct it into a direction that I have always wished to go.