The Police Prank

My greatest fear in life was having an encounter with police officers. I viewed these individuals as enemies of the people, and the fact that they carried guns all day made my perception towards them more adverse. As a child, being police or any career related to it was not any of my options. My parents were not pleased with my fears and wished I changed. On an early morning, I remember it when I woke up, and the house was not in the usual mood. Everything was so silent that I could hear the noises of birds and small insects around our home. My mother wakes me up to take breakfast but the specific morning was different as I even woke up by myself.


Unusually, there was no one in the sitting room, including my younger sibling, who was very noisy and cheerful. I was starving and could not realize things were not normal; hence, I rushed to the kitchen to look for something I could eat. Surprisingly, all the utensils were sparkling clean and well organized on the shelves. Worse enough, there was nothing I could cook even though I was not experienced in preparing dishes. I sat down for some seconds, contemplating the next move. Suddenly, I remembered that my mother could wake up and visit our small garden hence I rushed there angrily. I shouted my mother’s name as I headed to the park, but no one responded. On arriving there, I could not see anybody except for my pet, which I could not understand how it got there. At this point, it clicked in my mind that things were wrong, and I needed to get sober. I now composed myself, went to my bedroom, and put-on heavy clothes since it was a chilly morning.

I began by searching all the rooms in the house but could not find anyone. I called all my parents’ phone numbers, but none of it was going through. I then went outside and began searching the whole compound as I thought they could be somewhere, maybe busy. As I could not locate them, I decided to visit my neighbors and inquire about their whereabouts. No sooner had I closed the house door than I had a loud bang at the gate. At first, I fell in shock and was not in my senses for about thirty seconds. I could not believe what I had seen. My parents were helpless under the arms of some brutal police officers. The police kicked them badly and shouted at them, telling them to go and show them all the money they had stolen. I felt sad as my father convinced the officers that they were innocent. At that point, I knew I had to do something to rescue my parents as I understood they were good people and could not steal anybody’s property. I first approached the police and tried to talk to them, but they gave me a deaf year. I was then filled with anger and was ready to engage in a fight.

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 As I rose my hands to slap one of the officers, everybody stood still in a relaxed mood. Suddenly they all laughed and shouted ‘HAPPY FOOLS DAY.’ I then took a heavy breath with a smile on my face as I could not believe I had been pranked. The officers talked to me nicely to drop the negative attitude towards their kind. My parents helped me overcome my fears by organizing the prank on fool’s day, and since that early morning experience, I became friendly to police officers.