The Hurricane Katrina disaster

This was a natural disaster considered one of the deadliest natural disasters of its time. It was caused by the Atlantic tropical cyclone.  It is one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of America. It is considered the sixth strongest overall of the recorded hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina is also considered the most costly natural disaster owing to the number of casualties and the million dollar worth of properties destroyed. It occurred on the August of 2005. It was a series of very strong hurricanes that developed over the Bahamas, crossed to Southern Florida, over the Gulf water then finally to Louisiana. On its destruction course, it caused heavy flooding and swept boats, cars, buildings/ homes, trees and humans alongside. It is estimated that the waters from the ocean reached between (10–19 km) from the beach. A significant area of the states of New Orleans and Louisiana suffered extreme flooding due to several hours of storm with the floods lingering for weeks thereafter.

It consequently led to a number of deaths, estimated to be at least 1,833 people dying in the hurricane and subsequent floods. The highest number of deaths was reported in the two states of New Orleans and Louisiana due to the greatest storm and extreme flooding In addition, it caused destruction of homes and property worth millions of dollars. Thousands of victims were rendered homeless with a number suffering from health and psychological complications. The states affected included: the state of Mississippi, New Orleans, Florida, Louisiana, Southeast United States and Canada. The victims got assistance from both the state and non-state agencies although a number still experience psychological complications.

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