The African American Culture

The African American culture is the contribution of the African Americans towards the progressive culture of the United States. African Americans are one of the marginalized groups that have faced oppression in the United States. African Americans originate from a non-black ancestry who were enslaved and brought to work to new worlds forcefully. For a long time, African Americans have been denied the right to share in the progress of the United States, be it politically, economically, and socially. This paper will expound on the history, cultural identity, and background of the African American Culture.

History of the African American Culture

            Immigration to the United States and historical Supreme Court Cases affected African Americans in different ways. The African American immigrants faced challenges such as racial prejudice and anti-black discrimination (Wang & Sutay, 2018). Immigration to the United States led to African Americans having low wages and high poverty levels. The African American immigrants have low employment rates compared to the other United States immigrants (Wang & Sutay, 2018). Occupation segregation also affects African Americans as they occupy more occupation segregation in workplaces than whites (Wang & Sutay, 2018). Employers tend to have a low perspective towards African American immigrants’ skills (Wang & Sutay, 2018).

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African American immigrants are even less considered when choosing management and supervisors as they are only given low ranks in workplaces. Historical Supreme court cases such as Cooper v. Aaron (1958), Cooper v. Aaron (1958), Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978), and  Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) helped in fighting discrimination and prejudice against the African Americans (Hardy, 2021). The African American immigrants face unique challenges, but the challenges are slowly being evaded.