SWOT Analysis of Home Depot

Home Depot is a leading retailer in America which provides materials and equipment for property and general home improvement. The materials are provided in various areas such as plumbing, paints, wiring, and hardware, among others. These services give their stores long chains every day due to the high demand in the market. The company is among the leaders in the world of that industry because of its mastery of the operating environment. This paper will analyze the environment in which Home Depot operates using SWOT analysis.


Home Depot’s most valuable strength is the large market share it commands. The significant market share that the company commands around the US provides is an opportunity for Home Depot to reduce the production and operation cost of producing a single unique product due to economies of scale. It also increases sales, revenues, and profits. The company also has resources to fend off competitors. Home Depot has embraced technology, including the BOPIS (buy-online-pickup-in-store) model, the new world order. Home Depot has continued to embrace e-commerce ahead of its competitors. By 2010, Home Depot’s online sales were at 1%, which rose to 6% in 2019. The focus on digital and e-commerce transformation in mid-2019 has grown significantly. Other strengths include the effective performance that employees foster while serving customers and the fact that they command a variety of products, which makes it possible for their customers to have it all in their stores, enhancing satisfaction (Digital Perspectives, 2019).


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Home depot lacks strategic geographic diversification. Home depot is located mainly in the US, Canada, and Mexico, limiting its customer base. The US and Canada markets are maturing, which the Mexico market is unstable, forcing the company to overly rely on the North American market, which is a significant weakness. Home Depot is also faced with aging infrastructure. The company also has not updated its infrastructure and overall operation systems, making it challenging to embrace trends such as technology and online activities (Digital Perspectives, 2019).


Home Depot has the opportunity to expand its operation beyond North America into emerging markets such as India and China, which offer significant opportunities for sustainable growth. Currently, the company’s over 2000 stores are concentrated in the North American market, which is also flattening due to maturity. The company can also intensify its online sales to capture the millennials and generation Z, who are tech-savvy, and embraces digital markets. The company’s current online sales account for only 6%, lower than the 10% average expected of a company of its size. Home Depot recently implemented an online push, which gave it the advantage of Lowe’s closet competitor based on sales, indicating a substantial potential growth if the company increases its online presence (Digital News 2020).


Competition is the biggest threat to Home Depot. Home Depot’s closest competitor Lowe is closing the gap on the company at an alarming speech. Besides, Amazon also significantly competes for Home Depot’s market share. Home Depot is also faced with a looming recession post-pandemic, which threatens the company’s year-over-year upsurge in profits. Most major home improvements and constructions have been scaled-down due to economic challenges posed by the pandemic. Price deflation also threatens Home Depot’s revenues and profitability. Lumber prices declined over the past two years, affecting the company significantly since lumber constitutes about 18% of the company’s revenue (Digital Perspectives, 2019).


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