Success Narrative

Who am I now?

I am a high school graduate. However, I have had many professional and educational experiences thus far. After completing high school, I took up some minor jobs to keep myself engaged before joining college. The first job I got was a counselor at summer camp. After that, I was contacted by a clothing store around my neighborhood, where I assisted in sales and marketing. It is there that I realized my passion for surveying outcomes; hence I decided to become a healthcare data analyst. I enrolled in the course at Stafford University, where I am currently studying.

Through my work experiences so far, I have cultivated the ability to maintain high determination and self-motivation. Once I put my mind to something, I make sure I get it done. Currently, I work as a paraprofessional in an elementary school. Working with children along different age groups has made me patient. Besides, juggling between the job and schoolwork has equipped me with excellent multi-tasking and prioritization skills.

My goals

I have three immediate and long-term goals that I would wish to achieve. My first immediate goal is to become a professional healthcare Analyst. Secondly, I want to work in a reputable children’s hospital, such as the St. Jude’s Children’s hospital in Memphis. Last but not least,  I would like to own a children’s home in the future. To achieve my first goal, I first need to graduate from the University with a degree in Healthcare Administration. After graduating, then I can find a job with my desired organization.


With the degree and the experience I have had to work for the elementary school, I believe I will have a strong chance of getting in. Once I strike a good contract, then my revenue will start going up, meaning I can save up for resources to get started with the children’s home. I could also use the networks I will have created along the way to get sponsors to assist in making a dream come true. These goals all stem from my passion for helping people and improving the quality of healthcare.

How I will get there

I understand that my goals seem impossible and are challenging to achieve. Hence I will need a clear plan to assist me in achieving them. From the look of things, all targets interconnect. They all depend on how I spend my life in college. I will need a 3.5 GPA and above, which is not easy to achieve, given that I have school and a job at the same time. Therefore, to concentrate on schoolwork, I decided to give up the time I use taking swimming classes on weekends to finish my homework. Before the start of every week, I make sure to complete all my schoolwork for the coming week. These steps will guarantee a great GPA and, subsequently, a good degree in the spring of 2024.

Landing my dream job may not be easy either, given that I would still be fresh from campus. Therefore, I will volunteer to work at my desired workplace to utilize my determination skills until I land a good contract with them. I know it will be hard to volunteer given the hard economic times, but I am confident that the sacrifice will eventually pay off. By the end of 2026, I should have already started this career journey. If all goes as planned, I expect that by 2036, I will have started all plans necessary to assist in setting up the children’s home. Overall, I am excited about the future and willing to take all the required steps to achieve my dreams.