Solving Communication Problems Between Departments.

The plan will also encompass setting up SOP blinders at each assembly machine or press equipment. SOP binders are crucial as they help operators in identifying machinery faults before running them. Notably, some operators lack adequate training and experience to identify defects without the help of SOP blinders. Such scenarios result in the manufacture of substandard products and relatively lesser productivity (Lee, and Janna). Besides, managers will use a checklist for the first few weeks to ensure everything is in place before the start of any manufacturing process. Also, the inspection procedure will provide a nighty shutdown, which is crucial in ensuring a smooth runtime every following day. The goal is to decrease downtime for every machine. Therefore, a downtime log will be added into every bidder such that an operator can collect data for all issues encountered by the machine every time it has undergone a technical operation. According to the first part of the plan, it is expected that after the above outlined standard procedure will result in flowless production and increased production rate.

Finally, we will conduct the WIP tracking, which is a crucial part of this process. Notably, the management must rely on all important information to operators and the sales team. Therefore, managers will use data tools such as Oracle and spreadsheets, to gather and record various data such as daily production tickets and quantities. They will also monitor orders to make a precise estimate concerning production time. Efficient WIP tracking will result in an increased production rate, which as an economic advantage for highly demanded products (Qiu 170). That is, the production line will have the least lead time in the manufacturing industry. The long lead time may cost a company customer.


The evaluation success is anchored in the tracking of productivity, impaction, and survey. A new system will help all members of the company to review the production process and what is produced ant any given time. Managers will use inspection forms whose objective is to monitor production quality versus procedures followed. Lastly, once a month, employees will engage in a survey to collect feedback concerning the production process. Surveys will involve all employees, including the less talkative.

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