Response to Comments

Question One

  1. I would not call science a value. First, from the definition, a value is a fundamental belief that influences or motivates people’s actions. Secondly, values are restricted to the judgment of motive for which something is done or its goodness. On the other hand, science is based on facts. Therefore, science does not need a belief of a subjective stand on values. It is objective and value-free.
  2. Listing science among equality, justice, and empathy implies that science is very important to the mug owner. “My American Values” are the things that matter very much to the people of America.
  3. The values identified above can be universal, but they are identified as American since they have particular significance to the American people. They are rooted in American Civil rights history, where everyone ascribed to equity and justice and empathy for one another.
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Question Two

  1. Yes, Cook leaves out inputs from experts such as psychologists and physicians. These are critical professions that understand the prognosis of autism and are likely to provide credible information about the illness. While Sonne may observe a person living with autism and understand some of their intrinsic characteristics, significant physiological and psychological factors may help to understand the disorder better.
  2. I would say that Cook does present the expertise well, but he could have done better. The article provides strong evidence of experience with autistic people. Besides, there is evidence of the experiences of people living with autism disorder. Although Specialisterne succeeds in using observations to improve the utility of people living with autism, input from psychological and physiological perspectives would have made the article’s expertise approach better.