Part One

Question 1a.

Advantages include:

  • Carmex can identify customers who are actual buyers and prospective buyers.
  • The company can increase awareness through randomness
  • They can sample a large population with a diverse demographic (all Facebook users).

Disadvantages include:

  • It is not practical to mail all targets.
  • The responses are mostly from biased or emotional customers.
  • The survey is time-consuming.

Question 1b.

Advantages of the online survey:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a higher response rate
  • It is faster, less costly, and most convenient.

Disadvantages of an online survey.

  • Not all likes are from loyal customers.
  • Few people are willing to take the survey.

Question 2a.

“Engagements” and “likes” are built-in features of Facebook that capture consumer behavior. Engagements capture the attention of Facebook users and compel them to interact with the content posted. Besides, marketers can know how many people saw a post, shared, liked, clicked, or commented on it. Likes measure the amount of enthusiasm a post triggers on users. The number of likes helps measure the number of customers who liked the post.

Question 2b.

Both likes and engagements are essential to Carmex since they increase the exposure of the company to potential customers. For instance, when a new user likes the Carmex Facebook page or a post, they expose it to their friends, who may also like or engage with the page.

Question 3a.

  • Posting content that focus on interesting trending topics rather than only products.
  • Requesting customers to participate in interactive surveys.
  • Asking exciting questions concerning their view on products.
  • By using celebrities to caption the brand’s messages.

Question 3b.

  • Excitement for using the company’s products.
  • To get something in return, such as a voucher.
  • To honor an invitation through Facebook advertisement.
  • To publicly expose the interaction with the company.

Question 4a.

  • Since results such as from likes are obtained in real-time, marketers may shift strategies faster.
  • The participants are kept anonymous.
  • It is easy, thus motivating more participants.
  • It is fast reducing turnaround time for marketers.
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Question 4b.

An open-ended question avoids short answers, giving participants room to express themselves about how they feel. Therefore, marketers who may be looking to launch a new product or to find out why a product underperformed may receive numerous answers from one person.

Question 5a.

Yes, I would use a poll only strategy since it has high engagement, and it is less costly compared to other strategies. Also, it is not time-consuming for participants; they only click on their choice or option.

Question 5b.

A poll and contest strategy are the best for a more extended period with adequate marketing funds. That way, the engagement of Carmex flavors would be tested quantitatively. The combined strategy ensures that the maximum number of users mention their best flavor and like the Facebook page.

Part Two

Question 1.

purpose-driven marketing entails redeeming the core values and purpose of the organization relative to its competitors. P&G uses this strategy to manage its and products in five ways. They redefine their purpose to improve the lives of their customers, insist on the benefits of their products, value their loyal customers, insight on customers, and report on their grand ideas.

Question 2.

Both the secret deodorant marketing strategy and the hierarchy of needs are proportional. That is, they are critical in evoking an emotional connection with customers. Also, purpose-driven marketing is critical to the psychological needs of people in the hierarchy of needs.

Question 3.

The dimension includes judgment, performance, and feelings. Notably, the Secret brand team focuses on helping women overcome fear in their communities. When P&G targets teenage girls in this strategy, they reveal their fight against prejudice, discrimination, and emotional exploitation of women. They ignite the psyche and morale for women to improve on performance.