Professional Assessment

As a nursing student, I have very explicit career goals that I have hope, God willing to attain through my college work. My primary goal is to excel in all my upcoming nursing examinations, graduate with honors in nursing, and become a qualified registered nurse. Finally, I wish to get a job as a nurse, particularly with a mission hospital, where I can also get a chance to be sent on mission trips to help vulnerable people in different parts of the world. Throughout this paper, I have detailed the strengths that I believe will help me achieve my goals and weaknesses that I must work on to succeed. I have also detailed what has impacted my career as a nurse and where I see myself in the next four years.


My biggest strengths are having faith in God, being compassionate, and having a great personality. It has made me compassionate, humble, resilient, and patient since I know everything goes well when I trust Him. I have strengthened my faith in God over time since my childhood. I have learned that God can do all the things that have ever been done and those that seem impossible. This has also helped me become compassionate with the world, especially people since everyone is in God’s perfect plan. I have learned the power of being a compassionate person, a gift that has fostered a great personality. I am always approachable and liked easily by other students, making it easier to interact, socialize, and even seek help if necessary. Compassion, an extension of empathy, is the desire to help those in need, put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and share their feelings. Providing empathy to people in their hardest times is something I find fulfilling and a very fundamental foundation for support. Compassion has imparted humility in me, which occurs naturally when I put other people’s needs before my own. Besides, I am also resilient and can challenge situations without feeling overwhelmed. I have learned that I possess resilience as a virtue from my previous workplace, where I worked in healthcare before registering for my bachelor’s degree public. Nevertheless, I admit that I often lack confidence as a new student. This is my greatest weakness, but it takes only a few days to adjust. 

My choice of a career in healthcare services and making a bigger step to enroll for a bachelor’s degree in public health and a nursing course afterward has been inspired by some life experiences and my love to work in the health care environment. At one point, my little sibling fell sick, and I had to spend much time with him in the hospital. That experience made me appreciate the healthcare field and its virtues, even though I was still a teenager at that time. From experience, I began developing passion and desire to impact people’s lives, particularly by offering services that promote their wellbeing and prevent them from diseases and suffering, as I saw in my brother. The passion grew as I advanced through high school, and after graduating from high school, I secured a job as a patient care coordinator in My Choice Therapy in Los Angeles. The position allowed me to become more familiar with the healthcare environment, and that was where my idea to enroll for my first bachelor’s degree in Public Health California North State University Northbridge, and later a course in nursing were born. Besides, throughout my working life in the healthcare sector, I have always admired leaders who have high levels of compassion and humility because they know how to develop a working relationship and promote an emphatic work setting. Observing such leaders and how they conduct themselves has also played a key role in shaping my perspective of nursing leadership and how I generally treat people. My manager, at one point, told me that she admires the way I treat people with empathy and my ability to handle challenging situations without exhibiting any indication of being overwhelmed. Such comments are forthcoming, and they have helped reinforce my resilience, the ability to be grounded and adaptable, and bounce back from circumstances.

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Where do I see myself in the next four years? My professional desire is to be the very best nurse and health worker. I am looking forward and doing my best to work in a healthcare organization that can offer me a platform to pursue interesting and challenging tasks and work alongside experienced nurses and other healthcare professionals to learn and nurture my nursing skills. Particularly, I am looking forward to working with a company that embraces innovation, welcomes new ideas from its employees, and values teamwork. The nature of nursing work I am looking forward to in the next four years is mission trips to help vulnerable people worldwide. Besides, I hope to enroll for a master’s degree in nursing and other advanced professional nursing courses to advance my knowledge and be in a position to offer the best evidence-based nursing care.