Patient Education

Concerning additional information, I will ask Melisa about her dietary plans, activities of daily life (ADLs), and previous visits to a healthcare facility. Her ADLs will inform the average duration that she is usually sitting in a day. A study has linked nonexercised activities, especially those concerned with sitting all day, with obesity (Villablanca et al., 2015). However, I will need to assess her calories intake to diagnose whether her increased weight is caused by sitting down too long, intake of excess calories, or the oral birth control pills, which have been associated with weight gain (Gallo et al., 2014). I will inquire about her past visits to a physician to identify any potential underlying conditions.

 Melissa has several ideal options for her challenges. Notably, her current challenges include forgetting to take her COCs, heavier periods than usual, irritation when not on pills, lack of physical exercise, and occasional drinking and smoking. However, she can add a reminder to her phone’s digital calendar to remind her when she should take her COCs. She will need to visit a physician and have a thorough check-up, where results will help recommend the best contraceptives, which have fewer side effects related to periods and moods. A physical exercise plan will be ideal for reducing the number of hours Melisa sits in a day. Lastly, she should stop smoking and drinking because both are tetragons and increase the risk for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) (CDC, 2020). This is important since she looks forward to having a child after at least one year.


These options will be provided to Melisa through a patient education plan. The plan will determine her learning styles and the limits of her strengths and weakness. Once her logical order has been ascertained, I will explain to her the data obtained from her case, the effects of COCs, and the various options available to overcome her challenges.


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