Managing Information Systems


Virtualization is a popular form of business in the contemporary era. Network providers are at the forefront in making sure there is unlimited access to the internet for their clients. Different types of networks are used depending on the geographical area they cover. Ten types of networks have been established, with Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) being the most widely used (Oh and Monge 4). Internet connection is crucial for fraternities and sororities operating in the current world of virtualization especially in campuses. This paper will consider a chapter house – one of the fraternity houses on campus. It will explain how LAN can be applied in the house, use a multiple-switch system, and what type of internet connection to use. Additionally, it will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the standard package solution.

Question One

A LAN is a network that connects computers or devices in the same building or local area. It consists of cables, switches, routers, and access points that enable computers to connect to web servers (Cisco 1). A chapter house in a campus comprises of many activities that require students to have access to the internet alongside being a resting area. For this, many campuses have set aside a computer room in chapter houses. Some of these activities are browsing assignments, having a good time on social media, and virtual communication. The computers are either connected by Ethernet cables from a central connection point or uses an 802.11. Thus, a chapter house must have an internet access and installation of  a LAN will be crucial.  

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For a chapter house,  I would recommend the employment of both an Ethernet LAN and an 802.11. The primary reason being Ethernet cables may break, thereby causing operations to cease. The 802.11 will act as a contingency plan in case Ethernet cables fail. On the contrary, 802.11 may be the main source of internet connection between the computers, and Ethernet LAN serves as an alternative. Thus, having the two LANs is crucial in ensuring the continuity of operations.

Question Two

A multiple switch system involves installing several switches instead of one large switch. This type of switch system is suitable for a chapter house, and requires installing a switch in every room since a chaoter house has several rooms. The rooms will then connect their computers through the switches, each room having its switch. The advantage of a multiple-switch system in such a fraternity is that every room is well sorted without necessarily depending on one main switch to conduct its operations. If there is a need to switch off one switch, then people in other rooms continue to operate. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that power consumption is high and slow connections.

Question Three

I would recommend a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) to connect to the internet within the campus chapter house. A DSL is digital and uses the same wires as a telephone line (Franklin 1). The major reason for choosing a DSL is that it has a high speed compared to a cable modem or a WAN. Other than speed, making a specific recommendation for the type of connection will require several other factors. Firstly, the availability of the connection. The recommended connection must be readily available and reliable—secondly, the cost of the connection. A WAN connection may seem more expensive than a cable modem and DSL. Lastly, the security of the connection: it focuses on whether the connection is prone to insecurities or not. In this case, a cable modem is prone to security issues as it can be stolen since it is a hardware object.

Question Four

Creating a standard package solution would be crucial to me as a service provider and to the customers. It brings about advantages, such as making it easier to handle customers’ needs (Angelova and Zekiri 27). It is made possible because customers with similar internet needs are grouped by creating a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet allows the service provider to offer the services easily since groups simplify the work. Another advantage is that the package would allow for high-quality services. It would result from knowing what the customers need and having enough time for services since they are grouped. However, the standard package may be disadvantageous in that it might be challenging to create a standard package that will satisfy all the customers because customers have different needs.


Virtualization has gone a long way in shaping how fraternities and sororities in campuses work, especially a chapter house which carries collective groups of students. Internet connection is crucial for the students as they do their assignments, engage in social media, or communicate virtually while in a chapter house.The most common type of internet connection within a capter house is the Local Area Network (LAN) that uses either Ethernet cables or an 802.11, commonly known as Wi-Fi. However, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a high-speed connection that is fast replacing the LAN. Nevertheless, both connections are useful in ensuring continuity of business operations. Connecting devices require switches that can either be a single or multiple switch system. Lastly, as a service provider, providing clients with a standard package solution for their internet needs is critical as it also maintains them.


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