Among the issues that are daunting in the acquisition of effective mental healthcare is the barriers that exist. Nevertheless, they are possible to combat through interventions, where a population is stratified to target and focus on a sub-group through appropriate strategies. Practitioners may use ICT systems to gather actionable data to map and inform the delivery of healthcare services equitably.

Such a healthcare model ensures that there is adequate multisectoral action by healthcare providers, increased health education, and persistent health self-management by a population. Thus, a community and the healthcare providers work towards disease prevention and control collaboratively, leading to optimal development and wellness for the population.

In my time as an intern at Riverbend City, interventions and programs may help to combat barriers such as prejudice and discrimination, neglect, and substance abuse. The three have decelerated the health outcomes of the city. Some facilities do not have ease of accessibility for older adults, most caregivers overcharge their services, causing neglect, and some older adults are addicted to substance abuse.

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Nevertheless, I will invest in personal development to acquire gerontological knowledge and skills, then utilize them through my counseling career (Pennington, 2004). I will also work together with the older adults to ensure that they access critical care, or involve legally recognized people in deciding for adults with cognitive impairment. Also, I will educate the community of their role in caring for older adults and sensitize to avoid barriers.

This requires some critical skills such as effective interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and role transition. Effective communication will enable to create understanding between the older adult, their caregivers and I. Conflict resolution will help combat discrimination, and role transition will help me in helping the older adults across the spectrum of their needs.


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