Integrative Christian Counseling

When people are harmed in relationships, and the bruises are not healed, they have a natural and understandable desire to shield themselves from more suffering. Counselling’s fundamental concepts comprise trust, a goal-oriented process, and an issue-centered approach (HBU Online Course Development, 2017). Researching, discovering, explaining, and understanding problems and feelings are part of the counseling process (Gingrich & Gingrich, 2017). In the case of Jamie, who recently suffered a divorce, she is hurt in different ways. As her counselor, several concepts come to mind. They include; What perceptions does she have about her husband? Does she suffer from trauma? Is she hurt physically? Is Jamie willing to let go? How does Jamie behave? Does Jamie have goals in life?

The mind is affected in different ways by events in our lives. The divorce affects Jamie’s thinking, reasoning, and imagination in Jamie’s case. As her therapist, one may assist Jamie in being more conscious and attentive to the relationship between her thoughts, behaviors, and self-perceptions and increase Jamie’s awareness of current views and mental processes. According to Romans 12:2, God employs the change of thinking to shift human life (HBU Online Course Development, 2017). Emotions are responses that people have in reaction to events or situations. Jamie may have mood swings, hurt feelings, and emotional memories about her husband. Counseling focuses on developing self-control and avoiding reckless action (Sutton et al., 2016). One may urge Jamie to be honest and accept responsibility for feelings while seeking the transformational power of the Holy Spirit in creating new methods to cope with feelings responsibly. Romans 8:6 describes the Holy Spirit as a source of peace.

Guidelines are essential in every aspect of our lives. Several ones apply to counsel. Pay close attention. It is good to give Jamie time to express her needs and assist her in expressing her thoughts in a sensitive and nurturing manner. One should respect the family of all clients, value diversity, and refrain from passing judgment (HBU Online Course Development 2017; Gingrich & Gingrich, 2017). Instead of becoming overburdened by her concerns, one may assist Jamie in focusing on areas where she can make suitable adjustments. One should assist Jamie in identifying those on whom she may rely and get assistance as her therapist. A therapist should not also pass judgment on how significant or minor her difficulties are.

 Having goals in life is crucial for growth and development. As her therapist, one should ask Jamie if she has plans to change her life. One may also counsel her and explain long-term ambitions to encourage her toward full self-actualization. Counseling involves researching, uncovering, explaining, and comprehending issues and feelings. An untreated injury retains its sensitivity, and hence counseling is a crucial process for anyone who has been hurt.


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