Human Resource Management

The Business

My business is called BaeWeb. At BaeWeb, we well website domains, hosting, create websites and write website content for our clients. It is a small business with two employees. I am the manager, content writer, and marketer. One of the employees is a web hosting specialist working on a part-time basis, and the other employee is a website developer whom we are working fulltime. Sometimes we service other people’s websites by upgrading them or transferring them to our hosting plans. The mission of BaeWeb is to create an intimate relationship between clients and their sites by creating fast and friendly websites for our customers. The business has one office where we receive clients and execute the technical operations. Also, we currently have a huge workload, which might lead to burnout.

The Position To Fill

I have conducted a job analysis at BaeWeb, where I have found a human resource gap for a secretary and a salesperson. However, since the business is still small, I will hire one individual to undertake both roles, with a job title – sales representative. I need to shed some of my responsibilities so that I can give adequate time to my college studies and part-time programming classes. Therefore, I will devise a selection process for the position of sales representative.

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Creating a Selection Process

I need to select the best talent, which is within the business compensation budget. Therefore, I will utilize a recruitment strategy to make t effective. The strategy begins by analyzing the human resource gaps which I have already done. I will then write a job description for the position of the sales representative. The description will be posted in the local job bidding systems to attract applicants.

Meanwhile, I will familiarize myself with the updated recruitment guidelines, such as on equity and fair employment by the EEOC (“Employee Rights,” n.d). The last steps will entail accepting applications, conducting interviews, and selecting the best talent through my selection criteria. Since I am still in my early years of entrepreneurship, I will seek help in creating a selection criterion. One of the ideal persons to consult about the selection criterion is a human resource consultant (Domsch & Hristozova, n.d. p 2). He or she will help in reflecting on the SWOT of the strategy to use. Besides, talking to managers to know the cost implications of the strategy on the organization.

Test and Benchmark Answers

The table below shows a test and benchmark answers I might use to select the appropriate sales rep for BaeWeb.

QuestionBenchmark Answers
How did it go when you lost company sales?I lost… It was my … I learned that…
How was the sale you closed recently?I was with… I explained to … I consulted…. I checked with…
How is your typical day like?Exercise Emails replies and contacts Report to… Consult with…
What do you know about my business?Websites Hosting Happy customers


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