Human Capital Management

Question 1

The three main ideas raised in the PPT presentations are; how people managers can maximize human capital through their active role in the recruitment and selection process to improve company performance. The second idea concerns how these managers can maximize human capital by actively designing an engaging workplace to enhance company performance. The last argument is on how we would characterize the workplace at Money Cash Flow Inc. What is interesting to me in this presentation is the ideas on how to conduct interviews, the AI tools for recruitment, and how engagement and motivation are essential in the workplace. The knowledge on conducting interviews provides the human managers with an opportunity to resolve whether the individual’s character and skills align with the culture and needs of the company. Interviews act as links between the company and the interviewees.

Artificial Intelligence technologies can emulate human or natural intelligence, and thus these AI tools have aided human managers in their roles of recruitment and selection process (Saluy et al., 2021). Well-organized organizations are using AI tools to improve predictive analytics. Engagement and motivation in the workplace is also exciting idea brought up in the presentation. These two are linked, and they are pretty crucial in realizing a dynamic and productive labor force. Without engagement and motivation, employees will struggle to perform well in their tasks.

Question 2

            One of the critical issues raised by the presentation is how people managers can maximize human capital through their active role in the recruitment and selection process to improve its performance. When managers are involved in the selection and recruitment process, it enables a company to recruit skillful and committed employees. The presentation shows how managers can identify potential skilled employees during interviews and select those qualified to work in their organizations. This issue shows which other practices, such as performing background checks and using AI tools for selection and recruitment, can maximize human capital in the recruitment and selection process.

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             Managers can maximize human capital by actively designing an engaging workplace. One of the most vital concepts in management by the people managers is employee management. This concept lies in the principle that the more employees are engaged, the higher they perform. It shows that employees involved in their work give their organizations competitive advantages. Satisfaction and engagement are other vital issues in the presentation. Engagement and satisfaction have significant outcomes within an organization. When people managers motivate employees through recognition and reward, the productivity of these employees increases over time(Lin et al., 2017). Managers need to understand their organizations and employees to know how these two factors effectively and differently to maximize human capital.

Question 3

            Learning about human capital management is significant to me as a people manager. This presentation is educative to managers on their management roles in an organization. Managers must learn how to manage their employees and bring out the best in them for higher productivity (Saluy et al., 2021). This knowledge is essential to me since it will help manage employees, and it has exposed me to ideal strategies to improve performance. These ideas from the presentation are helpful since they are assisting the managers in seeing their employees as capital. Bringing the concept of investing in the workforce will make organizations grow their capital.


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