HR Compliance

  1. What are two pieces of legislation that may apply to managing human resources? Provide examples of how they are applied.

The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 will ensure that the line manager assistance is recruited fairly, without discrimination of any applicant. The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 demands that the HR Service provider educate only the high standard content, and that does not confuse.

  • How do human resource strategies and planning processes relate to business and operational plans? Provide an example based on the case study organization.
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Human resource strategies ensure that employee’s performance is optimal. That way, the overall performance of an organization increases. For instance, helping the lines manager to process paper works faster improves the business process’s speed, hence more productivity.

  • What is performance management for the delivery of HR services? Provide an example based on the case study organisation.

Performance management for the HR Services concern ongoing communication between the service provider and the client. For instance, People Power does regular checks on the organization, to the programs formerly started are continuing.

  • What is contract management for HR service delivery? Provide an example based on the case study organization.

Contract management concerns ongoing creation, delivery, and ongoing maintenance. For instance, the HR Service provider has created a contract with the organization.

  • How is the feedback used to modify the delivery of human resources? Provide an example based on the case study organization.

Feedback gives insights about areas of improvement. That way, business processes are optimized to motivate employees and attract customers. For instance, the lines manager responds to his underperformance, citing that the forms are many and complex. That suggests that an assistant would help him.