Grieving and Nursing Care

Question One

The role of an adult community nurse is to help both Graham and Maud, and other Phillis’s loved ones in coping with the grief. One may also educate the grieving family about the stages of grief and educate them about effective coping strategies. Additional strategies may entail encoring the community groups in which Maud and Graham interact to support them in coping with grief and help Graham understand what has happened.

Question Two

Both Maud and Graham are likely to experience discrimination on various levels. First, Maud has a medical history for experiencing episodes of panic, and the health professionals may withhold information that might trigger the panic. Secondly, Graham may not understand what has happened quickly due to Down’s syndrome. Thus, healthcare professionals may overlook the need to educate him about the incident. The role of a nurse would entail ensuring both Maud and Graham understand the situation and organize relevant medical intervention in case their health issues are aggravated.


Question Three

I would respond calmly to the Phyllis and her family member concerning the presented allegations. First, the response should aim at calming Phyllis down. Secondly, ensure the room is neat, kept, and well-lit to avoid shadows and glare. Thirdly, I would explain to Maud and Graham that their relative is having hallucinations caused by dysfunction of the brain. Nevertheless, I would evoke hope by explaining to them the possibility of Phyllis medication to succeed.

Question Four

At the time of admission, Phyllis is weak physically. Her bones are weak, and she has suppressed immunity due to old age. This aggravates her underlying health issues, such as hypertension. Psychologically, she is worried about her son, and that is why she requests for Maud to come over. This escalates her depression. Lastly, her social presence in the community is fairly good. Therefore, she has is likely to receive social support.

Question Five

Phyllis’s admission to the hospital causes a range of psychological effects on her loved ones. For instance, Graham is very dependent on her for movement and social inclusion. He also relies on her for care, such as taking medication and following routines. Thus, her admission might cause depression for Graham. Also, Maud has a history of panics. Thus, she might experience increased levels of anxiety and panic attacks.

Question Six

Nurses may understand that people experience stress differently. To some, like Graham, the stress reveals through cognitive, emotional, and physical signs such as loudness, agitation, and inability to concentrate. Maud stress reveals physically through shortness of breath and panic. A nurse may help both graham and Maud in managing their psychological health by enhancing self-awareness, identifying and avoiding stress triggers, using effective communication, and enhancing social and personal connections.

Question Seven

Phyllis, Graham, and Maud are likely to experience discrimination on various levels. For instance, Graham is likely to experience discrimination in workplaces, due to his inability to handle various tasks, and lack of concentration. He might not fit groups that do not follow schedules. Nevertheless, I would ensure that he only gets to places that are calm and adhere to schedules. Phyllis may be discriminated in the hospital and community since her depression history might raise concerns about her ability to take care of Graham. However, incidences of negligence may help in fostering the confidence of community members. Lastly, Maud may not leave home or use the car. She has limited freedom due to her health and husband. She needs therapy and a caregiver for her husband.

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Question Eight

Maud goes through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. She finally accepts that her sister is dead, tries to explain to Graham, and called her allocated community mental health nurse. A nurse may help her in coping with grief through effective coping strategies. Also, one may help her in connecting with other friends and family.