gina response

Hi Gina,

First, I commend to you because this is a great post. It is easy to follow and understand the issues you have raised. Secondly, I have taken time to research, and it appears that noise in hospital settings is both a critical issue and has adverse ramifications. A recent study has found that quietness in hospitals is among the lowest-scoring areas in patient-experience surveys, especially in the US (Xyrichis et al., 2018). About 40% of patients in hospital surveys revealed dissatisfaction with the noise levels in hospital settings in the UK. Despite your reference article having a small study sample, its conclusions are similar to what I have found. For instance, Engelmann et al. (2014) found that noise in the operative and post-operative setting in pediatric patients accounted for increased complications and stresses. The study also found that reducing noise was proportional to the level of patient stresses and complications reported. That is in line with the article you have referred to, which related noise reduction to the improvement of the post-operative environment.

I think your proposed intervention is great since the plans are actionable. Philosophically, information is power; that is why you desire to change the noise situation in your future workplaces. In the same way, you have shared your findings, and I believe most of us will be prompted to learn more as I have done and design strategies to ensure a quiet hospital setting. Besides all the plans you have listed, I think it would be ideal to lobby with the state governments, CMS, and other stakeholders such as the WHO, and institute regulations concerning noise in all patient care settings.


Engelmann, C., Neis, J., Kirschbaum, C., Grote, G. and Ure, B., 2014. A Noise-Reduction Program in a Pediatric Operation Theatre Is Associated With Surgeon╩╝s Benefits and a Reduced Rate of Complications. Annals of Surgery, 259(5), pp.1025-1033.

Xyrichis, A., Wynne, J., Mackrill, J., Rafferty, A. and Carlyle, A., 2018. Noise pollution in hospitals. BMJ, p.k4808.