Exploring Psychology Program

Ever since I could remember, I’ve always had a natural inclination towards helping people when they face life obstacles and challenges. This admiration is characterized by a desire to make a significant difference in their lives. I remember planning on ways to help my classmates during hard times and sharing whatever little I had. Back at home, I used to encourage my parents and siblings. Interestingly, my siblings and friends used to open up to me comfortably, and even without therapy skills, I used to guide them effectively. Later after I finished high school, I realize that my unquenchable thirst to help others was persistent. However, I also realized that I needed to understand the root of human behavior and decided to pursue a psychology program. I am looking forward to assisting people facing family problems, addiction issues, and challenges in choosing a career. I will also help people with learning disabilities and self-esteem issues. By taking this course from a well-recognized education, I believe that I will be able to serve society effectively. While I anticipate a demanding career, I also expect the journey to be rewarding and fulfilling. 

On the academic front, there are a couple of certifications that I am interested in relating to my career field. For instance, I am looking forward to attaining a certificate as a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) specialist, ClinicalChild, and Adolescent Psychology Certification, Multicultural Skills Psychology Certification, and Train the Trainer Certificate Program. I also look forward to attaining a practicing license. In addition to the educational certifications and a license, I look forward to participating in unpaid internship programs in the future. Through these programs, I will implement various skills learned in class. Over the years, my excellence in and out of class has been evident. This excellence can be attributed to my discipline, hard work, and effective time management, which have, for many years, been envied by many students and even family. However, I wish to do more and, hence, a desire to pursue the psychology course in this globally recognized institution.


There are many career opportunities linked to the psychology program. Some of such opportunities include educational psychology, health psychology, counseling psychology, clinical psychology, and occupational psychology (Metz, 2016: Maree, 2017). Apart from what I already knew about the course, I have learned some new facts about the program. For example, I’ve discovered that to handle the course effectively, time management, and being aggressive are essential. I’ve also learned that the foundations of the human mind are based on principals that are both instilled into and gathered throughout childhood experiences. Another discovery is in regard to the fact that psychology program has many branches, including addiction psychology, psychological disorders diagnosis, treatment and management, career counseling, child psychology, community psychology, among others. 

Ultimately, my childhood career goals attained skills over the years, experience during unpaid volunteer opportunities, academic attributes, excellent time management skills, and future goals places me at an advanced level of succeeding in this psychology program. I selected the program not only to fulfill my childhood career goals but also as a result of my attributes. I hope to attain various certifications in this career, including a practicing license, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy certificate, ClinicalChild and Adolescent Psychology, Multicultural Skills Psychology Certification, and Train the Trainer Certificate Program, among others. Through these certifications, I will comfortably work in various career fields, including educational psychology, career psychology, and addiction psychology.


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Metz, K. (2016). Careers in mental health: Opportunities in psychology, counseling, and social work. Chichester, England: Wiley Blackwell.