Employee Selection

Employee selection falls among the many tasks that a human resource manager undertakes. It is the process of evaluating various candidates available for a job position to obtain a candidate who has the desired skills, qualifications, and experience for the job (Campbell, 2012). Employee selection can vary from a humble to a complex process depending on the organization hiring and the available job position. During the selection process, it is necessary to follow and obey some employment laws. The employee selection process helps an organization to acquire an employee that is fit for the vacant position. It also helps to match the requirements of the company and the skills that individuals have.  

There are various steps involved in the process of employee selection. The organization that needs an employee will advertise for the job vacancy, and different people will apply. From the applications that the company receives, it assesses and obtains details of the applicants. Some of the features looked at during the selection process include the age of the applicant, educational qualifications, and experience of applicants. After a thorough process of eliminating unsuitable clients, the human resource then selects the most appropriate candidate who has the desired qualities of the organization. The process of employee selection can either be virtual or interpersonal.

The Virtual Perspective of Employee Selection

Enhancement in technology has contributed to many changes on human resources practices. It is one of the contributors to the success of virtual employee selection. Before the era of virtual employee selection, it was challenging to recruit people without relying on printing and publications to post a job. With the current enhancement in technology, human resources can advertise, select, and recruit employees without printing (Stone et al., 2015).  Virtual selection makes use of the E-recruiting tools where the human resource persons can post vacancies and available positions online. With the online posting, many people can see the advert while in different varied locations. Virtual selection helps HR to view various details and information about applicants online without printing or meeting with the applicant.

HR persons can follow and have a look at the jobs advertised and selection procedures easily and faster using e-recruitment systems. After posting the jobs online and the human resource Department has received applications, it uses the systems to filter the applicants until it obtains the candidate with right and desired skills. Although many companies and organizations are using virtual methods of selection, they have not completely changed to its use as they still use the interview method.

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The Interpersonal Perspective of Employee Selection

The interpersonal perspective of employee selection can take any form of interpersonal communication. It can take the form of a physical face to face interview; it can take a phone interview or group discussions. In the interpersonal employee selection, the hr. will also look for the skills that the organization desires for the particular position that exists.  The interpersonal employee selection method will check on additional issues such as voice and physical abilities of the individual. All applicants are asked questions in an interview until after looking at the qualification. The desired candidates are shortlisted and invited for an interview. After all the candidates have gone through the interview, then the HR makes a selection on the candidate whom they think and believe is well suited for the job.