Employee Job Satisfaction

The company can sustain continued investments in education as the program gains popularity and the costs continue to increase. As the company grows, its profits continue to increase day by day. This trend means that the company can sustain continued investmnets in education because it is not operating under losses, but continued profit growth and its future seems great. As profits increase, costs and expenditures seem not to affect its performance and existence.

Question 2

            I think the customers find value in knowing Cigna in their employees. Customers can trust employees only when their service delivery is pleasing and satisfactory to the customers. Employees can only get satisfied when their needs are met and when better working conditions are improved in their workplace(Auten, 2020). When customers are satisfied, most probably, the employees of the given corporation are satisfied. Thus Cigna customers will not have any issue knowing that Cigna is investing in its employees.

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Question 3

            Applicants might consider Cigna a better employment option if they find out that the company wills and desires to invest in them. The investment might give them opportunies to further their education and invest in them in doing so.

Question 4

Employees’ morale decreases, and it is negatively affected when they have made an investment to further their education but have not experienced the professional advancement or salary increase within the timeframe they expected. The morale is affected because their expectations for rewards and incentives such as salary increments are not met (Auten, 2020). When employees invest in themselves for the benefit of their jobs but are not rewarded, their morale is affected, and also their job satisfaction might be affected

Question 5

            Cigna can improve employee career satisfaction for employees with no desire to commit to long-term education pathways. Cigna can initiate motivation incentives such as salary increments. Additionally, Cigna can recognize these employees’ efforts by offering them rewards and presents, which could increase their morale at work (Jiang, n.d.).


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