Effects of Eating Fast Foods for Every Meal

Taking fast foods is becoming widespread at a faster rate; examples are pastries, fried pies, pizza, cookies, and crackers. Some of the reasons that prompt people to take fast foods are being too busy or being lazy. However, these types of food have been misused. People take them for every meal without considering the side effects. This paper focuses on six impacts of fast foods, especially if taken for every meal.

Fast foods cause excess energy and weight. Many of the snacks have high levels of sugar and calories that lead to weight gain. The trend later causes obesity. A third of fast foods in the market contain about 1000 calories (Lin and Frazao 35). While an adult needs about 1,600 to 2,400 calories a day, if they take three or four snacks, they will have exceeded the required number of calories (“6 Negative effects of fast food” n.p). The second effect is that fast foods affect insulin and causes type two of diabetes. Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar in the body. If it is tampered with, the blood sugar may go high or go low, causing diabetes in many instances. Besides diabetes, insulin resistance is also linked with hypertension, lipid disorder, and cardiovascular disease.

The third effect is an increase in the risks of digestive diseases. Foods that provide sufficient amounts of fiber and minerals such as lettuce leaves and cucumber are good for digestion. While some fast foods contain valuable minerals and vitamins, they are fried in cooking oil in high temperatures making the vitamins decompose. In the end, they have neither fiber nor minerals that help in digestion; thus, increasing the chances of diseases such as colorectal cancer and small bowel cancer associated with digestion.


The fourth effect is that fast foods contribute to depression and addiction. In the article “Public Health Nutrition,” cited by (“6 Negative effects of fast food” n.p), research conducted indicated that people who take fast foods are 51% more likely to become depressed. Also, those who are used to eating fast foods can become uncomfortable and thrilled when they try to stop. It, therefore, means that such kind of people has been addicted. The fifth effect of fast foods is that they destroy the skin. Skin deformities such as acne, pimples, and breakout have been associated with certain kinds of foods. Foods that contain high levels of sugar and too many proteins cause acne, especially in women. Eating too many proteins also causes tiredness and sluggishness.

Besides the side effects on the body, fast foods also harm one’s social life. They alienate people from their family gatherings (Khan 6). It is easier to eat snacks on the way, in a car, in the bedroom or study room. Thus, an individual has no time to sit down with family members and have a meal together. This point is associated with depression because many people find themselves lonely, leading to stress and depression. Thus, fast foods cause social distancing and may lead to anxiety and depression.

To sum up, it is crucial to avoid taking fast foods in almost every meal as they cause diseases, addiction, weight gain, obesity, and many other effects. Hence, taking foods rich in various nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, and minerals, is better than taking too much sugar, fats, and proteins.


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