Discussion On Duties

Topic One

Yes. Grandparents, relatives, significant others, and siblings have a duty to report child abuse. Sometimes the duty to report is confusing since most often than not, state legislatures talk about their specific guidelines on mandatory reporting. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, through the Child Welfare Information gateway, obliges everyone to report active or suspected child abuse (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2020). However, some mandatory reporters fall under industries such as education, healthcare, security, among others. Hence, should there be a member of the family said mandatory reporter categories, they are required by the law to report. Else, they fall under a category of permissive reporters, who are legally allowed to voluntarily report child abuse (“Mandatory Reporter of Child Abuse,” 2019). Hence, Grandparents, relatives, significant others, and siblings have a mandatory or permissive duty to report child abuse.


Topic Two

Home-based care is better compared to nursing homes among the alternatives for elder care. First, home-based care guarantees one-on-one care since the caregiver has a duty to one or two elder parents. Secondly, older adults may feel more comfortable living in their homes other than new homes, which may seem like social isolation. A study has found that logistics in nursing homes such as caregiver shifts, turnaround time, and absenteeism are prone to causing stress on the older adults (Islam, Baker, Huxley, Russell & Dennis, 2017). However, this is avoidable in the homebased care system, since caregivers focus on one or two individuals in their home. Thirdly, home-based care allows customization of services according to the facilities installed in the elder’s home. Unlike in nursing homes, older adults have looked after through standard procedures, which may not always work out well.


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