COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us experience life on another social status, which has become the new normal. The change has led me to realize that there is inherent resilience to danger within me. For instance, I have not been thrilled by the trends of COVID-19 or had any panic. Instead, I am anxious that had I matured in my nursing career, I would take an active role in combating the pandemic. I also find myself analyzing facts and figures that emerge due to COVID-19. Among the results I have come up with is that though the virus has terrorized our economy and changed our daily routines, other health conditions such as heart diseases are continuously causing more deaths, yet they are few interventions compared to those put on COVID-19. Therefore, I find I am not thrilled by a pandemic but tend to be more analytical in the approach to combat health issues in society.

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Concerning college education, I am amazed that the new system where we learn over online flatforms is almost equally efficient. Though communication is difficult compared to traditional class sessions or group work, I have become a little bit focused due to the absence of distraction that occurs in class. Since there are few or no jobs to attend to, there is ample learning time; hence, it is an ideal time to cover the courses in our curriculum and start our careers early.

My desire to becoming a nurse has escalated compared to before the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have watched and heard the active role that nurses are undertaking to combat the virus. In the same way, I look forward to utilizing my skills and knowledge passionately to improve the health status of the society and combat epidemiological challenges.