Course Feedback for Module 3

  1. A Point Of Positive Feedback

Thank you for such amazing course content. You made the course content stimulating, with very interesting illustrations using pictures, diagrams, and case studies, resulting in interesting class discussions. I also found the lecture content well organized, based on themes, and accompanied by direct quotes from the course book, which helps any serious student capture and retain new knowledge from the course quickly. I also like that the course content does not focus on classic models and theories but instead on challenging norms, identifying the caveats in the existing theories, and suggesting approaches to overcome them.

  • A Key Highlight Or Personal Learning Point From The Module And Class

One important highlight and personal learning from the module is that we should “never lose sight of the ultimate goal, and focus energy on short term objectives.” The point highlights one area that personally has been a challenge when exercising leadership: focusing on the main goal while faced with many destructors. In life, like any other human, I sometimes feel stuck and that things are not moving according to the expected pace. But I have learned from the content that it is much better to remain focused despite slow progress, provided one is on the right track. Learning to stay focused is an important leadership skill as it offers a greater perspective to remain motivated, drive the teams or individual’s morale and efficiency, and persevere through tough times. I also believe that in any goal-oriented leadership setting, followers are likely to have divergent features based on resourcefulness and goal orientation and will respond differently to the leader’s goal. Hence, you are likely to get distracted without focus as a leader.