Communication Strategy for Java Beens

Every organization strives to grab the biggest market share among its competitors. This can be done by employing a convincing communication strategy. Java Been, a café that deals with coffee, baked products, and offers performing grounds is not an exception. The paper will outline a communication strategy that will help the company advertise an upcoming advertising event for the grand opening of a second location.

Stakeholders’ Analysis

The internal stakeholders of the company include owners, employees, and the investors. If Java meets their needs and interests, it will create a conducive environment for work and this will result in high and quality yields. The result will be the company will make more profits. The profits will help it achieve the communication goal because advertisement needs money. For example, if bakers’ welfare is taken care of like going for trips, their work morale will increase, thus, the company will benefit. (Pajunen, 2006), stated that internal stakeholder’s needs and employees determine the existence of an organization. If I were an employee, I would prefer the management to call for a meeting to communicate about the opening of a new location.

External stakeholders include; customers, suppliers, and the community. Any company would always depend on their customers and the community for expansion. For this, meeting their needs and interests is key. The more their needs are met, the more customers are attracted and the more a company understands them, therefore, Java will be able to understand the best channel for advertising the event, the venue, how, and when to advertise. For example, its customers’ needs revolve around coffee and cakes, it will look for hotspots where coffee lovers are, for instance, a food network television and advertise the event there. Also, the time of when will revolve around during celebrations because of cakes. If I were a customer, I would prefer Java to inform me during my visit there when enjoying my coffee and music.

Target Audience Analysis

The target audience for Java is artists, students, youths, people who enjoy listening to music, and coffee and baked products, lovers. Concerning the company’s communication goal, the needs of the audience are; they will need to know when, where, how, and the activities that will be carried out during the grand opening. Therefore, the advertisement will highlight where the event will take place, the exact date and time, and how it will be done. Also, important information such as why the company has decided to open another branch will be included. Java will thus be able to make decisions on these factors based on their target audiences. Customers will choose Java Beens because of their high-quality products and services. How it handles its customers will help it gain a competitive advantage despite having other companies that offer the same services in the region. Also, understanding the customers and the community will contribute to it gaining the edge. Understanding the target market enables a company to fulfil its needs thereby gaining a competitive advantage (Lewis, 2020).


The message type fit for Java Beans is an advertisement aired on regional or national television, on social media platforms, and outdoor such as posters. On television, it should focus on one that majorly carries 80% of its target audience. The reason being it will have wider coverage. For example, most artists will watch televisions that focus on entertainment such as live bands. Again, the time the advertisement is to run should match the time the target audience is watching. For instance, most artists watch entertainment shows that come after 10 pm. Therefore, the advertisement running times should include 10 pm. On social media platforms, the advertisement should be posted on Instagram, Face book, or YouTube depending on the preference of the target audience. The posters should be mounted on regions where the audiences are located in large numbers. One advantage of outdoor advertising is that it is accessible by anyone because a good number of people spend much time outside (Iveson, 2011).

The message content is one important thing in advertising and communicating with the target audience. Java could incorporate images and visuals in its message. Visuals enable one to concentrate for a long time because of the human-interest aspect of entertainment they send (Social Mettle, 2013). Images of the current company location and the new location including the buildings, employees, and products should be captured in the advertisement Short video footage of artists singing, customers taking coffee or eating, and an establishing shot of the new Java Beens location should also be included. The advertising can also have a video of a happy customer who wishes to attend the grand opening event speaking while also informing of an ongoing offer for coffee and entrance. This will send a positive note to new people who will have known the company for the first time. Also, it should include some of the activities that will take place on that day, for instance, team building and entertainment from prominent artists. This will attract many viewers to the event. The advertisement should also cover what the company has in store for its customers and community. For instance, it may mention a new type of coffee in the market or improved grounds for performance. Providing contacts is also crucial for those who may need more information.

Java will measure the success of the message based on the number of customers the café will receive during the advertisement period and responses on social media. Since the advertisement will mention an ongoing offer at the café, viewers will attempt to utilize the chance. That will give the company a glimpse of what percentage of people the advertisement reached and whether it was successful or not. Also, the number of likes, comments, and shares on social media will provide an assessment strategy of the message. After considering these two methods, if the message was not successful, the company can consider re-constructing it to reach more audiences.


I selected the message type because advertisements create awareness. The internet and television advertisements are readily available to many people due to the availability and accessibility of devices and the internet respectively.  I decided that the message will be conveyed through images and visuals because they tell a thousand words in less time as compared to written words (Pai, 2014). I chose on assessing message success by the number of customers because the advertisement had mentioned an ongoing offer. The offer was included intentionally specifically for that purpose. Also, social media responses were selected because most of the target audiences spend much of their time online. My understanding of the stakeholders and audiences helped me in the message creation by knowing what form of communication to use. Knowing that the target audiences are young people, television and the internet would apply. Also, young people love images and visual aided advertisements. Therefore, I was able to construct the message type and content that would suit them.


To sum up, the discussed communication strategy will enable Java Beens to meet its communication goal of the grand opening of the new location. The strategy involves understanding the needs of both the internal and external stakeholders, the target audience, and the messaging. These three factors should determine the message type and content that will achieve the communication goal.  By employing this, any company can achieve its communication goal.


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