Communication and Senses

There are several things whose existence has not yet been proven scientifically, though there is intense speculation that they exist. Such includes paranormal activities and aliens. While aliens may be possible to prove (if they ever existed) through the five senses, there is arguably intriguing scenarios where we interact with the world beyond the five senses. For instance, I am sure at some time you heard people claim that their houses or their friend’s house are haunted. Such claims are based on occurrences beyond descriptive cognition, where people feeling that there is something paranormal in the house. In another personal encounter, I felt compelled not to board a public transport bus, which later had an accident. Also, in my high school, I remember every time I stared at one girl – Emmy, she could look at me after a short while. The three feelings, of that there is a haunt in the house, not to board a bus which later involved in an accident and the stare are all odd feelings which agree with ideologies of Sheldrake.

According to Sheldrake, both humans and some animals have more than five senses. In his book, The Sense of Being Stared At, Sheldrake suggests that our minds and intentions are stretched beyond our brains (Howes, 2009). Like him, I think we interact with the physical world in a more sophisticated manner, rather than the five senses. I think we have more than five senses, only that they some are predominant, hence has been investigated by scholars. That which we do not understand, we tend to overlook. Since there are feelings that often influence our actions, and that they often result in significant outcomes, science should study cognition beyond the five senses. Perhaps there are more senses through which we interact with the physical world at the quantum level. Overall, I am convinced that there exist paranormal senses.


Howes, D. (2009). Sixth sense reader. Oxford: Berg.