Regarding case two, the goal was to learn Hispanic cultural values in one month, master effective communication skills, and improve the workplace’s interpersonal relationship. His reality at the time was that he did not know much about Hispanic culture. In that perspective, we shall brainstorm on the learning of Hispanic cultures, as it was the immediate goal for the coaching process.

Planning and Preparation

This session aims to establish as many Hispanic cultural values as possible and their impact on interpersonal relationships. This will entail observation and research. Such will include how he treats and talks to people, his interests, and his passions. Besides, he will do an internet search regarding the Hispanic culture, mostly values, and beliefs.

This goal’s success will be found by finding brainstorming more than ten Hispanic cultural values withing the one-hour session, most of which should be suggested by Anthony.  This is important as it also makes the goals SMART.

Like in the first session, I will uphold high standards of professionalism, and my objective will be to assist Anthony in achieving. I will be skillful in making suggestions, such that I show him the directions, but do not lead him. That is, I will only make suggestions as we brainstorm (Griffiths, 2012). Besides, I will demonstrate genuineness and legitimate zeal to improve Anthony’s cultural competence, as explained by (Cook, 2009).


I will begin by suggesting two Hispanic cultural values and how they might affect interpersonal relationships, prompting him to mention others. This way, he will own the suggestions or options of things they will have to learn about his boss. I will let him do generally more talking and make the derive the most Identify values.

This way, I will enhance his commitment to the plan, learn, understand, and appreciate the Hispanic culture. I will do this by strategically asking questions to critically think through such values (Gregersen, 2018). For instance, what do you know about Hispanics? Have you had the first-hand experience with that value? What do you think about [a cultural value]? How do you think it affects interpersonal relationships? There is something we can do about it, right?

Reflection of the Brainstorming Session with Anthony

We met with Anthony two days after the first session in my office between 6 and 7 pm. I made him at ease by a warm welcome and a soft drink. After inquiring how they have been, I began the brainstorming by inquiring if they found any cultural values we had mentioned. He simply said, “yes yes.” I continued to say that Hispanics are generally collaborative, which might cause them to be involved in all workplace situations. Anthony added that his boss was like that and that he loved to intrude and join what his juniors were doing in a rather casual manner, which could be a good thing, especially is they were stuck. Besides that, he mentioned respect, honor, collective orientation, relaxed with time, a tendency to interdependency, emphasis on life events, and how they all could impact their professional relationships. In all, he sported beneficence.

The session went on well and was successful, except that we spent one and a half hours. I learned that coaching is also very effective if the coachee is engaged and owns the plan, as mentioned by Cook (2009). In the next sessions, I will make the plan precise and monitor time to avoid spending Anthony’s additional time.


This session is a critical part of the coaching process, where brainstorming fosters the coachee’s involvement so that they can commit to the plan. Anthony’s main goal is to learn Hispanic cultural values in one month, master effective communication skills, and improve interpersonal relationships in the workplace. This session intended to establish as many Hispanic cultural values as possible and dissect their impact on interpersonal relationships. It was successful as we found more than ten Hispanic cultural values, but we spent more time, which shall be rectified next time.

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